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Event name2013 Winter Hellenic Speed Challenge
Start DateSaturday, December 1, 2012
End DateThursday, February 28, 2013
Event contactinfoNick Vardalachos
Event moderatorAlex Doukas

  Event description and NOR

1. Introduction

The 2013 Winter Hellenic Speed Challenge is organized by the Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association (hsswa,, with the support of gp3s( and is open equally to beginners and experienced speedsurfers.

The aim is to conduct meetings with friendly competition, which will give the opportunity for everyone to experience and learn about racing (speed) via an accessible way (entry level race format). Each meeting can be a learning opportunity for those who are not familiar with speedsurfing, gps devices, procedures of or generally to exchange experiences on windsurfing issues and more...!

2. Location

The location for the meetings will be the beach Artemis (Loutsa) near Athens, Attica. Please upload your session using the following gp3s spot: “Loutsa”

3. Dates of meetings

Any Saturday and / or Sunday during the period 01/12/2012 - 28/02/2013. There is no limit to the number of days of meetings. The notifications will be provided via email, announcements at and relevant topics of discussion in the forum of, no later than 12 hours before the meeting.

4. Skippers meeting - Sailing Instructions - Schedule

• Speedsurfing from sunrise to sunset, as she wants or can afford everyone!!

• There will be no mandatory race course.

5. GPS Devices

All GPS devices are in the list of gp3s allowed, but we would like to ask the leading speeders to use a device Navi (GT-31).

6. Cost of participation

Participation is free and open to everyone.

7. Subscribing to Event

For participation at meetings, it is mandatory to subscribe to the web site (it is free, it is suggested to complete registration a few days before the meeting).

8. Ranking

Rules will apply (gp3s basic rules).

The general ranking of each meeting (Ranking of the Day) will be based on performance and average5x10sec, for the series of meetings will be using the system low score. Sending data to gp3s, so as to produce automatically Ranking of the Day, is the responsibility of each participant. Based on Ranking of the Day, series results will be calculated penalty points using agent weight, depending on the speed average5x10sec of the best rider of the day:

  • Light wind meeting: 27,00 - 29,00 knots, 1.50 x penalty points
  • Medium wind meeting: 29,00 - 32,00 knots, 1.00 x penalty points
  • High wind meeting:> 32,00 knots, 0.75 x penalty points
  • A meeting’s Ranking of the Day will be valid for the series if it has at least five (5) surfers.
  • After 3 valid meetings, one discard allowed, after 5 sessions and each subsequent second meeting will be next discard, ie 3/5/7/9 etc.
  • Anyone who does not participate in a given day meeting (DNS) gets the maximum score: total number of finally registered in gp3s event page for the event + 1.

- Three final rankings will be announced:

  • Overall ranking with all valid sessions (max 2 light wind per participant).
  • Overall ranking with all the light wind sessions.
  • Overall Classification of all medium and high wind sessions.

- When there is a tie after the discard, the best results will be calculated according to the rules of the low point scoring system (RRS Appendix A8.1 A8.2).

9. Safety

Participants will take part in meetings with their exclusive responsibility.

Participants must abide by the safety rules for water sports and must wear lifejackets (life vests) or other protection on their own responsibility.

Each rider is solely responsible to have all insurance coverage required.

10. Awards - Prizes

Depending on the number of participants and potential sponsors' offers, prizes&awards will be announced.

11. Communication

For further information / assistance please contact Nick Vardalachos ( or hsswa (



Detailed Notice of Race in Greek is available here:


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