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Event nameBonaire 2019 DUNKERBECK GPS Speed Challenge worldwide
Start DateSaturday, June 22, 2019
End DateTuesday, July 2, 2019
Event sponsorSorobon Beach Resort, Dunkerbeck Pro Center, Defi Wind Caribbean, Bonaire
CountryNetherlands Antilles

  Event description and NOR

At the same time together with the Sorobon Masters Björn organizes for the fourth time the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge in Caribbean waters. But watch out, this challenge also comes with challenges…

The traditional slalom- race held in Sorobon will have a parallel version alongside it, in the form of an online sister event: the "Bonaire 2019 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge worldwide" organized as a competition with no barriers.

More info about Sorobon Masters and Defi Wind Caribbean + registrations: &

If you can’t make it to Sorobon/ Bonaire, you can take part in the online edition of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge. Every registered windsurf spot is valid.

Just switch on your GPS go to the water and sail as fast as you can.

The winner will be the sailor with the fastes 500m sailed during 22.06.-30.06.19 and posted till 01.07.19.

Sorobon Beach Resort is sponsoring free accommodation voucher** for the WINNER of the "Bonaire 2019 DunkerbeckGpsSpeedChallenge worldwide"

To give also a chance to riders outside of high wind spots, we will raffle one voucher between the 11 fastest man and one between the 11 fastest woman

Click here to find out more about this amazing place:

Pls share with your friends, go windsurfing together, post your session and have as much fun as possible-  It definitely worth it.

**prizes are for the winners a 7 night stay at sorobon beach resort or apartments for 2 people including breakfast. All upon availabilty and to be used within 12 months after winning / receiving the prize


The Dunkerbeck Pro Center will provide awesome merchandise articles for the 2nd and 3rd fastest man & woman. (to have an idea what could it be, just check here:

Let‘s help to grow and promote Windsurfing.

A challenge using GPS? How does it work?

The challenge sprang from a new idea. It is set up as a global contest, a challenge open to windsurfers anywhere around the world, who will be able to compete with each other from afar, measuring their times by GPS, simultaneously with the riders who are actually taking part in the race in Bonaire. There will be two diferents rankins, one for participants in Sorobon Beach and one for the rest of the world

But how is this possible?

Indeed, it is possible. Too right! If you cannot come along to Bonaire, then just sign up to the ‘worldwide’ race, the “Bonaire 2019 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge” open to competitors from around the world.

Notice of Race  

Location: worldwide

Date: The Bonaire 2019 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide will take place from the 22.06.2019 till 30.06.2019. The event will be open till 01.07.19 to post sessions. Valid sessions only from the 22.06.2019 till 30.06.2019, sessions from the 01.07.19 won‘t be considerated (only open for posting)


Registration is simple: first register as a user of (GP3S)

For the Bonaire 2019  Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide a registration in the Event section is necessary. By this, all participants agree to the terms and conditions of GP3S, including giving us the right to share and publish session data for the rankings of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide



The Bonaire 2019  Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Considering the 500 m GPS max.

Each session you want to publish needs to be uploaded to

Sessions shall be uploaded at the same day or not later than first of July. The event will be open till 01.07.19 to post sessions. Valid sessions only from the 22.06.2019 till 30.06.2019. Sessions from the 01.07.19 won‘t be considerated (only open for posting) Also any sessions uploaded after this deadline can not be considered for the ranking. 

All GPS tracks needs to be available for verification by the event organization at all times.

The results will be shown on and event Facebook page:


GPS Equipment:

All GPS units approved by (see actual device list here)



Every rider has responsability for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. The organizer will not take any responsability for rescue operations nor racing accidents.


Event sponsors:

Bonaire 2019 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide is sponored by:



The event is organized by Björn Dunkerbeck and his Company E11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck SLU



How to upload the speed- session?

All competitors taking part in the challenge have to create an account in :, and they have to post their at this site.

Competitors must use their own compatible GPS devices according to the standard rules from 

Here you find a step-by-step instructions how to register and how to post your speed session:

  1. How to create a new account (new members)
  2. How to finish your profile & getting ready to post
  3. How to subscribe to the event for Defi competitors
  4. How to upload your session

IMPORTANT: When you are a new member, and signed up for the first time, your registration to the event will be visible AFTER you have posted your first session.


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