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Event name2023 2023 Gran Canara Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge
Start DateSaturday, April 1, 2023
End DateThursday, June 1, 2023
Event sponsorGran Canaria Tourism Board, R-Tech Solution AB, IPP Pump products, Starboard Windsurfing, ecotel, Chris Benz Watches, GoPro, WIP Water Protection, SOMWR, boot Düsseldorf, Fuerte Action , Dunkerbeck Windsurf Center, Gasoil Custom Fins, Severne Windsurfing,
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Event description and NOR


Period 1: Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2023

3 Events on fin & foil throughout the year + overall winners

Speed sailing is pure motivation anyone can enter everywhere in the world, make sure you enter correctly to be able to win some of the cool prizes from our partners: The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Global Tour consists of 3 Periods and come back of the period specials.

01.04. - 31.05.23 Period 1: Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge
01.07. - 31.08.23 Period
2: Summer Edition  
01.10. - 30.11.23  Period 3: The Third
Each period will have their winner and rankings according to your postings on, &

In each Period in the Fin discipline, we will award the fleet as followed:

OPEN MALE & FEMALE · Grand Master (51-60) · Super Master (61-70) · Ultimate Master (71-99) · Youth (0-10) · Junior (11-14) · Junior Plus (15-18)

In the other disciplines must be completed the top three. If not so, the riders will be ranked in the open category.

To equal the differences between windsurf spots, we'll also raffle in prices between all competitors.

So, everybody starts to tune his gear because at the End of the year the three fastest of each category can cool prizes

Allowed GPS Devices you’ll find HERE

Every registered windsurf spot is valid.  Just switch on your GPS, go to the water, and sail as fast as you can.


A big cheer out to our Sponsors helping us to

Thanks to the support of:

…making the event Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge as a part of the virtual global tour possible more year.

Notice of Race Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Location:  WORLDWIDE

Date: The Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge (Period1) will take place from the 01.04.2023 till 31.05.2023 23.59h CET


Registration is simple: first register as a user of (GP3S)

Sign up for the Event: Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge.

By creating the account on gp3s, all participants agree to the terms and conditions of GP3S, including giving us the right to share and publish session data for the rankings of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge /+ virtual global Tour and to receive information related to the event. By uploading your session on the platform, you enter in the ranking. DSC reserves the right of participation.

Come-Back of the period- specials.

In each period we will have again an extra topic to increase the fun even more.

In the 2023 Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Tour we´ll have:

Period 1: Who's the fastest on the nautical mile (NM= 1,852km)

Period 2: Who's the fastest alpha racer

Period 3: Who's the fastest on 2 sec. maximum speed

Join the evets and battle with your friends at the spot and online- worldwide.


The Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Considering the average speed of 250 m.

Each session you want to publish needs to be uploaded to

Sessions shall be uploaded at the same day or not later than 31.05.2023 (23.59h CET)

All GPS tracks need to be available for verification by the event organization at all times.

The results will be shown on , website: and DSC social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) including possible sharings.

GPS Equipment:

All GPS units approved by (see actual device list here)


Please note that in our competition, all athletes will compete in their born-given gender category. Additionally, we are offering as usual an open category that is open to all genders. We recognize the importance of fair competition for all athletes, while acknowledging the limitations of our organization's infrastructure and resources. As such, we are unable to ensure a correct and fair process of checking blood testosterone levels for eligibility in the women's fleet.

We are working to create alternative eligibility categories that consider the unique physiological characteristics of transgender athletes. Our goal is to create a level playing field for all athletes while promoting inclusivity and respect for diversity.

Every rider has responsibility for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. The organizer will not take any responsibility for rescue operations nor racing accidents.

Event sponsors:

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge is sponsored by:

Gran Canaria Tourism Board · R-Tech Solution AB · IPP Pump products · Starboard Windsurfing · ecotel · Chris Benz Watches · GoPro · SOMWR · Gasoil Custom Fins · Severne Windsurfing · Surf Hub Tenerife · Noer Stick · Phantom-Windsurfing · · boot Düsseldorf · Fuerte Action · Gps-speedsurfing · Gps-foilsurfing · Windsurfjournal · Daily · EQ love · Surf Magazin · Windsurf magazine uk · Revista surf a vela · Wind Mag · Dunkerbeck Windsurf Center


The event is organized by Björn Dunkerbeck and his Company E11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck SLU



Event update messages

Event subscribers
1Hans Kreisel53.57
2Vincent Valkenaers53.56
3Twan Verseput 52.95
4Gunnar Asmussen52.81
5Bjorn Dunkerbeck52.43
6Andy Laufer52.16
7Jurjen van der Noord51.39
8Jacques van der Hout50.73
9Jim Crossley50.63
10Oisin van Gelderen49.02
11Markus Emanuelsson48.81
12Martin van Meurs48.81
13Manfred Merle48.61
14Magnus Bengtsson48.48
15Thomas Moldenhauer47.99
16Patrick Van Hoof47.72
17Gautier Bourgeois47.69
18Nils Bach47.63
19Dirk Jan Knol47.62
20Dirk Doppenberg47.62
21Laurent Fesquet47.4
22Heidi Ulrich47.33
23Christian Arnold47.2
24Ron Koldeweid46.79
25Ben van der Steen46.58
26Daniel Borgelind46.34
27Scotty Stallman46.26
28Will Trossell46.1
29Peter de Wit45.92
30Gerlof Hansma45.9
31Rolf de Ruiter45.78
32Simon Pettifer45.73
33Minos Efstathiadis45.55
34Leon Dirks45.53
35Raimundo Sala Albert45.5
36Anders Bjorkqvist45.47
37Enrique del Valle45.42
38Brendan Lorho45.4
39Floris Wondergem45.31
40Melek Toraman45.24
41Sander van Huizen45.08
42Brian Rogild45.08
43Tim Joosten44.94
44Sébastien Bourgeois44.94
45Johnny Tuijn44.87
46Klaus Küppenbender44.85
47Christophe Peyrouse44.83
48Dylan de Jong44.66
49Danny Verhaar44.62
50Tim Humphreys44.57
51Dennis Klaaijsen44.53
52Orjan Zandvliet44.49
53Edwin Harteveld44.48
54Thorsten Luig44.38
55Michel Meijer44.3
56Patrick Oberlender44.16
57Ingmar Daldorf44.13
58Michel Cyril44.13
59Michael Brozio44.01
60Marcel Braas43.96
61Jeroen Steenaard43.94
62Peter van Dijk43.93
63Meta Sindos43.9
64Remco Kes43.83
65Thewes De Boer43.8
66Wouter van Hilst43.59
67Aaron White43.58
68Jean-marc Degrelle43.53
69Manfred Fuchs43.52
70Stefan Brouwers43.45
71Uwe-Sören Schmidt43.36
72Fabian Crombeen43.34
73Joeri de la Ruelle43.22
74David Willows43.07
75Tjitse Spitse43.01
76Raf Alexander42.97
77Ralf Ewers42.96
78Jens Salomons42.93
79Fred Durozo42.91
80Marco Bakker42.9
81Willem Jan Heutink42.85
82Patrick Miller42.74
83Morten Knutsen42.65
84Christian Hirschberg42.63
85Raymond Wortel42.57
86Edwin Roestenburg42.54
87Kasper Thrane42.48
88Robin Blondeel42.47
89Peter Heida42.47
90Aivo Prükk42.45
91Christoph Deus42.38
92Mark Hayford42.36
93Bart De Vries42.28
94Anne Schindler42.27
95Bram Kloosterman42.18
96Geoff Cook42.12
97Sem Stroosma 42.11
98Toomas Kasenurm42.03
99Stuey Gwynn42.02
100Robert Stavnas42.01
101Ferdinand Rikkers42
102Jacob Koornstra41.98
103Dirk Hacha41.97
104Roger Hermansson41.94
105Gauke de Vries41.88
106Robert Seinen41.83
107Steve Laubaney41.78
108Eric Groot-van Ederen41.77
109David Van der Veken41.76
110Valde Viiding41.66
111Jorrit van Boggelen41.59
112Andries Keulen41.59
113Wouter Liedenbaum41.46
114Raymond Stalfoort41.44
115Ferry Saber41.43
116Nigel Spriggs41.41
117Adam Mróz41.4
118Paul Lampaert41.37
119Patrick Depoorter41.35
120Jeroen Jacobs41.33
121Koen Onderbeke41.27
122Marco Bos41.19
123Gerard Verbree41.17
124Basile Wilhelem41.16
125Tjerk Baan Hofman41.15
126Mattias Ringdahl41.13
127Jean Charles Maes41.11
128Theo Di lello41.08
129Rob Allersma41.06
130Nico Wierstra41.04
131Kurt Van Holderbeke41.04
132Tim Schell41.03
133Andrea Cucchi41.02
134Edwin Huijbers40.99
135Tim Otte40.98
136Erik van Boggelen40.92
137Martin Andersson40.91
138Quinten Joosten40.87
139Niek de Vos40.85
140Rainer Motloch40.82
141Benjamin Verdin40.82
142John Skye40.77
143Guillaume Lemoine40.74
144Ulf Breselius40.7
145Rob Buis40.69
146Edu Hoekstra40.64
147Sander Wiltschut40.61
148Willem Wolvers40.59
149Kai Kaufmann40.52
150Matt Dowse40.51
151Michaël Engel40.5
152Jürgen Thau40.48
153Tobias Hed40.45
154Erik Larsson40.45
155Rene Mienis40.4
156Jan Hendrik de Bruin40.36
157Pieter Hamstra40.34
158Anton J. Geesink40.34
159Dani Coca Serra40.34
160Marco Bal40.33
161Richard Lutter40.3
162Oane Kingma40.24
163Jordy Vonk40.23
164Kean Rogers40.2
165Heiko Michaelsen40.12
166Ant Dunn40.1
167Alex Bennett-Baggs39.97
168Geert van Beek39.95
169Paul Van De Perre39.92
170Kees Heuvelman39.88
171Wessel Douma39.87
172Anne Fahner39.82
173Rob de Jong39.82
174Frank Baksteen39.77
175Halewijn Vermeulen39.73
176Edwin van Santen39.72
177Bob Schouten39.68
178Bas Gruppen39.67
179Bob Cartridge39.66
180Martijn Olivier39.63
181Audun Muribø39.6
182Dan Willemse39.6
183Joris Vos39.57
184Haijo Switters39.53
185Hans Frydendal39.47
186Michael Smits39.45
187Dave Harnett39.33
188Sakellariou Kostas39.32
189Pieter Rietveld39.32
190Luuk Stevens39.28
191Alwin Visker39.27
192Johan Gelauff39.22
193Joe Trunkfield39.18
194Jüri Kaldoja39.18
195Pelle Swart39.15
196Patrick Driesen39.15
197Tristan Tjerks39.07
198Frank Buikstra39
199Teo Nordendorph38.99
200Frank Heida38.96
201Remco Heida 38.95
202John Schilperoort38.9
203Frederik Veenstra38.89
204Frederik Veenstra38.89
205Georg Nassauer38.89
206Theo Haarsma38.89
207Fred Rozendaal38.85
208Jacques Pellen38.8
209Garry Goodwin38.8
210Gerard ten Berge38.79
211Richard Weiland38.78
212Lassince Samuel38.77
213Ardie van Olst38.77
214Alexander Foelkel38.77
215Danny Cartridge38.76
216Tim Aerts38.73
217Bjorn Enqvist38.68
218Marie-Paule Geldhof38.68
219Robert Jan Bouws38.65
220Patrick de Jongh38.54
221Papandrikopoulos Konstantinos38.54
222Markus Tauber38.54
223Floris van Boggelen38.54
224Alexandre Broussier38.49
225Edwin Littooij38.44
226Jens Vester38.42
227Ronald Volwater38.4
228Peter Warwick38.33
229Kim Born38.33
230Fer van der Plas38.31
231Timo Rissanen38.31
232John Scott38.3
233Jacob Osinga38.27
234Mark Newman38.24
235Olaf Kolmer38.21
236Andre Lancel38.17
237Tim de Wilde38.14
238Ove Jansson38.07
239Oliver Schaarschmidt38.06
240Joost van den Boom38.04
241Aart Veerman38.01
242Frank Heinen37.99
243Peter van Dijke37.97
244Michael Breit37.96
245Albert Ponsteen37.96
246Frank Wuis37.94
247Boris Mueller37.94
248Jeroen Helmers37.92
249Konstantinos Dimopoulos37.9
250Bendix Engemann37.85
251Sybe-Jan Booy37.81
252Robert Baas37.79
253Paolo Berardi37.77
254Hans Schuttert37.74
255Stephen Squirrell37.71
256Onno de Boer37.7
257Patrick de Schutter37.7
258Harald de Rooij37.69
259Mats Ferner37.68
260Danny Strynck37.64
261Mark Ingram37.63
262Garry Connell37.63
263Tommy Fjord37.62
264Ben Boonstra37.62
265Jos Voormolen37.61
266Stijn de Bruin37.58
267Merijn Kegel37.55
268Stijn Pontfoort37.55
269Johan Tas37.52
270Rudie van der Weij37.48
271Tim Heeringa37.46
272Rozzoni Cristiano37.46
273Wiro Nillesen37.4
274Jakub Salek37.39
275Daniel Thomas37.38
276Marc Roosendaal37.37
277Peter de Zee37.37
278Beuselinck Sam37.35
279Søren Kjær37.34
280Dick van Citteren37.34
281Doxis Milidakis37.31
282Gerrit Slijkoort37.3
283Michael Nordström37.3
284JeanPierre de Waard37.29
285Hans-Dieter Wilshusen37.27
286Gilberto Emelli37.27
287Raúl Martínez Alvarez37.24
288Birgit Hoefer37.22
289Rolf Smook37.2
290Kim Sorensen37.18
291Slawek Zielinski37.15
292Briac Le Goanvic37.13
293Anders Lundvall37.11
294Wilko Kronemeijer37.1
295Johan Gelander37.05
296Frans van Raaijen37.04
297Tor Kjell Grytnes 37.01
298Alexander G Buch36.98
299Florian Seitz36.98
300Jelmer Vries36.94
301John Overmeer36.93
302Martin Byford36.91
303Birger Bruhns36.89
304Andres Baas36.89
305Bjorn Rozendaal36.87
306Anders Bergstrom36.84
307Roger Clark36.84
308Paul Kammerman36.82
309Arian de Visser36.81
310Pat Erauw36.81
311Marco Jansen36.8
312Marco Vegelien36.8
313Harm Jaap de Witt36.78
314Eric Kamminga36.75
315David Pettigrew36.75
316Theo Boudewijn36.73
317Jeroen van Zadelhoff36.72
318Joris Buijs36.69
319Martin Koolma36.66
320Pieter Stigter36.61
321Bryan Morrison36.58
322Theo Heebing36.57
323Janny Huitema36.56
324Derryn Arthur36.56
325Jos Bruns36.56
326Johan Gelling36.54
327Johan Bulthuis36.52
328Ingolf van Oostveen36.51
329Simon Chippington 36.5
330Lucian Gerritsen36.46
331Adam Lange36.4
332Jonas Bergström36.4
333Michel Gutbier36.39
334Giannis Reglis36.35
335Christopher Tyack36.35
336Simon Dijkstra36.32
337Wilko Dijkstra36.31
338Lars Nilsson36.3
339Sjouke Hiemstra36.29
340Maciej Bukolt36.27
341Stephanos Grapsas36.27
342Gertjan Bokhove36.23
343Babis Sakadaris36.2
344Gerrit Bosgraaf-Feenstra36.19
345Patrick Van Mol36.16
346Jan Goudbeek36.14
347Peter Vernet36.12
348Klaas Wierda36.11
349Peter Modéer36.1
350Colin Stutzke36.07
351Bertil Folke36.07
352Aart Van Loocke36.07
353Eric Wind36
354Mikhail Pozhidaev35.97
355Andy Salwanowicz35.84
356Merena Raebel35.82
357Jörg Billstein35.78
358Kees Jaket35.73
359Peter Kuiter35.73
360Richard Sjöbäck35.73
361Johan Vente35.71
362Andreas Mater35.7
363Jason Benecker35.7
364Salvador Yañez35.68
365James Dinsmore35.67
366Tim Janssen35.67
367Jesco Molenkamp35.63
368Jeroen Schuitema35.59
369Henrik Rydholm35.56
370Till Kramann35.49
371Virgil Conan35.48
372Manuel Pousa 35.48
373Tim Laureyns35.45
374Kirsten Baas35.45
375Tuur Van Den Broeck35.42
376Martin Svej35.42
377Arjen Mol35.4
378Regis Lesieur35.37
379Brecht Lampaert35.35
380Dimitri Lagendijk35.34
381Oscar van Damme35.33
382Alberto Fontanive35.3
383Markus Purwitzer35.25
384Benjamin de Bie35.23
385Bert Bodde35.19
386Arthur Wind35.18
387Filippos Iatrou35.18
388Bert Bosman35.12
389Dimitris Lentzos35.03
390Andy Hart35.03
391Anne Osinga35.02
392Rudolf Fredriksen34.97
393Mark Kobus34.96
394Grzesiek Poznanski34.95
395Pernille Sanderhoff34.94
396John Mans34.93
397Andre de Jongh34.92
398Antonis Giannopoulos34.88
399Michael Nolting34.86
400Jeffrey Pieterse34.85
401Kristel Kaubi34.81
402Michal Wdowikowski34.8
403Frank Langhorst34.79
404Jan Heynen34.76
405Jim Brake34.75
406Iwan van Staveren34.75
407Maurice Janssen34.7
408Stephan Köster34.68
409Jan Wim Becker34.67
410Reinder de Vries34.65
411Joost Kuijsters34.64
412Karen Robertson34.57
413Matthijs Mars34.56
414Tom Eliaerts34.54
415Luisa Kolmer34.53
416Hans Prins34.52
417Andrea Vanhoorne34.46
418Ralf Pasewald34.46
419Bert Nijsen34.36
420Thibault Dhaene34.35
421Phil Lewin34.32
422Blanckaert Peter34.27
423Werner Roeers34.25
424Rene Stoel34.25
425Joost Holthof34.24
426Sven Barkholtz34.23
427Paco Dor34.19
428Brecht Willems34.17
429Matteo Della Fiorentina34.17
430Mateusz Kasprzak34.16
431Daniel Tobiasson34.16
432Kees Ozenga34.15
433Xavier Brouha34.14
434Norbert Ritaine34.1
435Spiros Chouliaras34.1
436Thomas Kruse34.1
437Hans van Breukelen34.09
438Ivo van Nimwegen34.09
439Anders Gitlesen34.08
440Robert Luinge34.08
441Marc van Gool34.02
442Thorsten Händel34.01
443Jan Behrendt33.98
444Peter Sellmaier33.97
445Brahm Cornelis33.97
446Gaute Heim33.94
447Nico van der Vaart33.94
448Pablo Castro33.93
449Marc van Beckhoven33.93
450Peter Magnee33.92
451Rogier Polderman33.91
452Laura van Beckhoven33.91
453Stefan Vanhoudt33.88
454Yves Wynen33.88
455Joko Mrnjavac33.85
456Richard Koehorst33.8
457Tarvi Kalnin33.78
458Chris Platt33.75
459Bert Dekker33.74
460Tiete de Jong33.72
461Maarten Keijsers33.71
462Peter Marinel33.68
463Bernd Stutzke33.68
464Arthur Lavooy33.66
465Roland Fourny33.64
466Slawomir Gurdak33.63
467Jordy Pannekeet33.59
468Daniel Hempelmann33.58
469Martijn van Noord33.54
470Edwin Simons33.49
471Mark Schulte33.44
472Hannes Rieger33.44
473Kipps Zygarewicz33.44
474Johannes Boersma33.43
475Martijn de Gouw33.42
476Øivind Ibsen33.42
477Karl Gunér33.4
478Anne Werkman33.4
479Frank Snepvangers33.4
480Paul Dits33.38
481Julian Koldeweid33.36
482Tom Venema33.31
483Jesper Skytte33.29
484Marcel Mulder33.27
485Lennert Zandvliet33.23
486Mikael Edén33.2
487Stijn Beks33.1
488Remco Post33.09
489Paul Arnold33.07
490Max Panchenko33.07
491André Oost33.04
492Michiel Graswinckel33.01
493Nick van der Hoorn33.01
494Melvin Jansen32.99
495Fons van den Hove32.99
496Kenneth Kolsteren32.94
497Martijn de Lepper32.93
498André Menz32.92
499Niels Lüttge32.92
500Jaap Hof32.9
501Mandy van de Hoef32.9
502Chris Schouwstra32.9
503Peter Bruijnen32.8
504Brendan van Diepen32.8
505Ben Cameron32.79
506Koen Stegewerns32.75
507Jan Zahradnícek32.75
508Onno le Roy32.74
509Sipke Bijlsma32.74
510Jur Leever32.72
511Elena Lass32.72
512Klaus Lepies32.69
513Mike Nestler32.69
514Roland Schmid32.65
515Arjan Bolhuis32.64
516Rune Nilsen32.63
517Renee Vonk32.62
518Jørgen Nørtoft32.6
519Niels Zeebroek32.57
520Frans Werkman32.56
521Joost van Jaarsveld32.55
522MIchele Tedesco32.53
523Bart de Bruin32.52
524Sofia Koukouzeli32.51
525Herold Goorman32.5
526Mark Spierings32.48
527Giuseppe Nicoli32.48
528Koen Cooman32.45
529Mike Walsarie Wolff32.44
530Ivo Fellinger32.43
531Robert Heikens32.43
532Dennis Massop32.41
533Juergen Wittig32.34
534Brett Wyatt32.3
535Claus Falconi32.24
536Dominik Kocholl32.23
537Martin Lamhauge Anker32.2
538Vincent Mylemans32.16
539Jacco Wijnands 32.14
540John Munten32.11
541Lennart Quecke32.11
542Benny Plambeck32.1
543Edwin Beekman32.1
544Ruediger Schuster32.08
545Mats Moren32.07
546Marco Moria32.03
547Remco Stolp32.02
548Dean Hutchinson31.97
549Olsson Orjan31.96
550Lander Waelput31.96
551Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim31.94
552Arthur Hendrikse31.91
553René van Ingen Schenau31.88
554Menno Koen31.87
555Daniel Lund31.85
556Joost Schuttelaar31.79
557Ron Nieuwenhuize31.78
558Edwin Buruma31.75
559Alexandre Guérin-Baizeau31.68
560Jaap Kooiker31.68
561Boy van der Veer31.59
562Marco Bruijnzeel31.59
563Kenneth Hansson31.59
564Kjetil Enger Olsen31.56
565Maurice Den Hoed31.54
566Marco Inghilesi31.54
567Iain Neary31.52
568Chris Föcking31.52
569Ole Schmitz31.51
570Mikk Hillebrand31.51
571Ralf Neuling31.43
572Nils Duindam31.42
573Björn Johansson31.42
574Ted de Pagter31.38
575Wubbe van der Veen31.37
576Patrick Caestecker31.34
577Frédéric Marcon31.34
578Boris Storms31.32
579Stijn Stoekenbroek31.32
580Helge Opgard31.32
581Pawel Polo31.31
582Stian Johnsen31.28
583Rogier Hassink31.27
584Mathieu Baesen31.25
585Dietrik Huizing31.23
586Rene Scholing31.22
587Mark Oosterhuis31.22
588Tony Ford31.17
589Valentin Sabath31.14
590François Pettorelli31.13
591Ermanno Nalio31.12
592Gabriele Santoni31.11
593Marcel de Bok31.11
594Pavlos Kapsianis31.09
595Joosep Kepler31.09
596Jean Patrick Bordes31.06
597Christophe Broodcoorens31.05
598Kristian Grytnes31.04
599Bart Blanckaert31.01
600Dieter Dejonghe31.01
601Lukas Ruefenacht30.99
602Joachim Tillner30.98
603Gosse Visser30.97
604Ronald Dekker30.93
605Pasian Sergio30.88
606Shane Verrion30.85
607Peter Stroi30.85
608Sami Bessaies30.84
609Lucien Nieman30.77
610Jan Segers30.75
611Margriet Lachenal30.75
612Pieter Boeter30.71
613Leo Wallage30.69
614Jan Joustra30.68
615Jesper Holm30.62
616Florian Sicard--Baux Flo30.61
617Mark Lowries30.61
618Andreas Schaefer30.59
619Philipp Trefil30.58
620Nikolas Evangelopoulos30.58
621Lange Claudia30.55
622Henk van de Hoef30.53
623Kostas Raptis30.49
624Bas Keijsers30.49
625Rafael Cuesta30.48
626Renske Beets-Andringa30.47
627Arjan Vos30.44
628Jérôme Sicard30.42
629Ashley Veenstra30.42
630Bart Leemans 30.41
631Anders Nilsson30.41
632Joost Serrarens30.41
633Ron Nibbering30.39
634Nick Findhammer30.38
635Frans de Vijlder30.37
636Mark van der Veeken30.36
637Ronny van Dorp30.34
638Jeroen Veldkamp30.29
639Grzegorz Malaczewski30.27
640Per Högberg30.26
641Francois Robles30.19
642Daniel Palm30.18
643Twan Suntjens30.17
644Mike Henschel30.15
645Wichard Van Der Meulen30.14
646Giorgos Stogias30.12
647Rickard Fossum30.11
648Gustav Lerman30.06
649Anders Olsson30.03
650Jan Woltjer30.01
651Frederic Ruchon29.98
652Bas Reijmers29.94
653Steve Thompson29.92
654Walter de Schrijver29.91
655Raszewski Krzysztof29.9
656Tom Kootstra29.89
657Jean-Paul Beermann29.87
658Jakob Snip29.87
659Matthijs Pos29.84
660Boris Winterhoff29.74
661Robert Marc Landstra29.71
662Mark Tuinstra29.66
663Matthias Mahnke29.66
664Andre Simlacher29.64
665Carlo Caden29.62
666Marijn Mulder29.58
667Alex Desvoyes29.57
668Dieter Heinemann29.54
669Sönke Schmidt29.54
670Jesper Kropp Axelsson29.49
671Giannis Babaloukas29.44
672Dennis Boonman29.42
673Gareth Yonge29.39
674Sebastian Thoem29.38
675Bas van der Sterren29.36
676Marleen Boer29.36
677Pawel Dunin29.35
678Jeroen Ariëns29.35
679Francesco Caden29.31
680Paul Fink29.3
681Ferenc Hissink29.26
682Michael Schlechtweg29.25
683Michael Schlechtweg29.25
684Jean-Claude David29.22
685Robert Senteur29.19
686Stef Muizelaar29.18
687Ancor Yeray Jiménez29.13
688Erik Rydén29.12
689Francois Lorho29.09
690Bart VD Bogaart29.08
691Martin Koning29.04
692Jens Christian Fodstad29.01
693Ed Rooijakkers29
694Morgan Ruudh29
695Bastiaan van Dijk28.98
696Hugo Nijhof28.98
697Ad Schasfoort28.98
698Joakim Hansson28.95
699Sico Barber28.92
700Eric Breeuwer28.92
701Tomasz Kucharski28.9
702Geert-Jan de Maat28.9
703Cristiano Gementi28.9
704Peter neut28.89
705Felix Praschak28.83
706Erwin Coster28.82
707Roel Baarda28.81
708Christophe Pomier28.78
709Francis Holterman28.75
710Luis Vierna28.7
711Rein Fierloos28.66
712Arjen Klinkenberg28.62
713Sander van Gelderen28.6
714Leon Ippel28.58
715Edwin Verdonk28.54
716Dimitris Bregiannis28.53
717Mike Johnson28.53
718Nostra Damus28.52
719Rolf Hauff28.49
720Tim Wagenaar28.43
721Ron Cooper28.37
722Alwin Vlemincx28.34
723Nadine Zidek28.31
724Daniek Penners28.31
725Deyan Gospodinov28.31
726Massimiliano Russi28.3
727Tadeusz Lukasik28.3
728Martin Hultman28.27
729Jurgen Broekman28.26
730Antony Bourmas28.22
731Roy van der Sluis28.22
732Mick Beermann28.21
733Bruno Kancel28.16
734Phillip Hommel28.16
735Christian Wrobel28.15
736Martijn de Jong28.1
737Ruud Rullens28.1
739John van den Heuvel27.98
740Marko Dorcic27.93
741Dennis Metaal27.91
742Andrea Bonfanti27.9
743Raimana Nouveau27.9
744Richard Korbeeck27.85
745Daryl Langford27.85
746Remko Doolaar27.78
747Alex de Vos27.76
748Andrea Zanolini27.74
749Gerard De Groot27.74
750Chris Vasey27.71
751Jan van Duin27.65
752Nicole Skodda27.64
753Paul Stich27.62
754Jan Carstens27.43
755Daniel Höllwarth27.36
756Ronald Verriet27.26
757Rene Fransen27.23
758Lea Sophie Hagedorn27.22
759Roland Herwijnen27.18
760Ralf Hansel27.17
761Jort Smit27.16
762Joost Klomp27.16
763Goulielmos Giorgos27.15
764Adrian Tolliday27.11
765Bernt Ottem27.1
766Telly Lek27.05
767Bart Idsinga27
768Mariusz Koziel27
769Edgar Snelders26.9
770Carlos Reyes26.89
771Simon Berkhahn26.89
772Bertus Baas26.87
773Rutger Ververs26.84
774Michal Kacperski26.78
775Matthias Carpentier26.74
776Thomas Dirk Heere26.71
777Iris Gimpel26.66
778Jeroen Zeebroek26.59
779Patryk Ellwardt26.57
780Jarno Fransen26.56
781Robert Pietsch26.5
782Alexander Bänziger26.47
783Hannes Häußler26.3
784Jonas Göransson26.21
785Richard Evans26.2
786Riccardo Degan26.1
787Spijksma GJ26.07
788Ronny Traas26.04
789Alexander Burger26.03
790Paul-David Baarspul26.01
791Har Vermeulen25.97
792Jose Manuel Torres Garcia25.95
793Torbjørn W Fossestøl25.89
794Bas Visser25.89
795Jakob Schjerven25.88
796Joris van Beek25.86
797Douglas Reid25.85
798Anna Dipaola25.85
799Eric Beaulieu25.69
800Oliver Ruijsenaars25.68
801Marion Neuling25.59
802Erwin Borgonjon25.47
803Sebastian Sokal25.45
804Ole Erik Carlson25.45
805Volkmar Kunde25.32
806Roald Lande25.18
807Koen Cocquyt25.12
808Gertjan de Vries24.98
809Harald Solheim24.97
810John Noble24.85
811Bjørn Olesen24.83
812Saša Stojanovic24.73
813Erik Veen24.7
814Matthijs Abeelen24.69
815Asterios Drogalas24.68
816David Spall24.6
817Juan-Antonio Garcia Garcia24.58
818Gaspar Evelio Cascon Schwarzenlander24.56
819Krzysztof Siejka24.45
820Marja van de Hoef24.37
821Krystian Olma24.34
822Patricia Verduyn Lunel24.22
823Lars Gimse24.09
824Theo Joly24.09
825Alessandro Betti23.99
826Niels Breuklander23.94
827Thies Johnsen23.81
828Marek Vyleta23.68
829Ralph Schieke23.51
830Paul Scourzic23.32
831Guillaume Pernelle23.29
832Benjamin Greve23.19
833Max Scudder23.18
834Maikel Kieft23.04
835Roland Kitzing22.82
836Tore Hvideberg22.47
837Martinez wind21.9
838Radeleff Boris21.75
839Laurens Legtenberg21.65
840Mogens Erlandsen21.29
841Elise Baas20.29
842Marijn Schouten19.94
843Luke Pchr19.91
844Annette Reinhardt19.67
845Stefan Bijmolt19.65
846Vinc E.19.59
847Maarten VD Bogaart18.8
848David Cladera18.34
849Alain Bollini17.77
850Pieter Zweers17.52
851Mauro de Jong16.81
852Aijse de Vries12.76
853Thomas Düsterwald1.86