West Kirby Marine Lake will be closed from the 9th March 2009 to late June 2009.
So the much needed dredging and repair work to the outer wall can done. This information is displayed down at the lake. So no 50knot runs this season boys.

Good news! Apparently the lake will not be drained until the 15th or 16th March. As part of the work, both the wall and the jetty's will be getting raised slightly and the bottom will be dredged. In future I don't think we'll see many short arses wearing weight vests.
Work will stop and the lake will be reflooded for the Wilson Trophy Yachting event in May. It will be drained again after the event before reopening at the end of June.
It should be interesting to see what they find in the bottom of the lake as I'm sure I've trod on a few dead dogs in the past! (not that I fall in that often).

Does that mean we can sail Monday Cleggy??? If we don't use the Contractor's compound for parking??  (North end I presume)
Thats great news, I'd better cancel all of mondays appointments just in case monday comes through.
Looks like Monday is definitely on...wind permitting!
I'm not sure when the contractors will be turning up, as I only spoke with the guy in the sailing school, but I don't think access will be a problem. If it is, you could always jump on at the south end.
Hopefully, I'll be out at the weekend, but I won't be able to get out next week as I'm stuck in work :(  If anyone if planning on sailing at West Kirby from Monday onwards you can have my lake pass.
Good skills Cleggy thanks for the lo down.

Looking like a 3 day'r Sunday Monday Tuesday all looking good at this stage F6-F8 from the West'ish .... over to the Stormtrack topic.
The MetO crew did n't let us down yesterday, with the forecast wind coming thru pretty much right on cue.

If any one gets out today at WK please report back the situation with sailing there thru the week whilst the Contractors are on site.

We have high tides all this week and into the weekend, so it would be pointless draining off the lake until tides fall below 8.5'ish.

Thursday looks promising, Sunday looks epic WNW.

Great to see such a fantastic turnout yesterday from speedies far and wide, with some excellent PR's  given the conditions that prevailed. To be honest it could of been a a lot worse, once the frontal trough cleared thru around lunch, accompanied by a bit of rain but no hail, sleet and even snow that was forecast, the sun came out the westerly kicked in - happy days!
Just to pick up on this topic.

I sailed at WK today.

The contractors were there taking deliveries of site huts and fencing but nobody prevented cars & vans from parking in the car park - or sailors from sailing on the lake.

It is rumoured that they will not drain the lake until after next week's super high tide - although I suspect that they will cordon off the car park before then to protect materials and plant.

There may still be a few days left whre you can sail from the top end - but I wouldn't come a long way - just in case.
Thanks for the pick up Pete, time you traded the T5 in for an L200 ;)

We could do with some clear answers to the following:

1. Will the Contractors's be working weekends
2. When will they be opening the sluices and draining the lake.

My take on no.2 is that it would not be practical to drain the lake until tides drop below flood which would mean sub 8.5's. We have 9.3 Saturday and 8.9 Sunday

Next weekend is already taking shape for something potentially epic, GFS / ECMWF and MetO +144 already in reasonable consensus of forecast opinion.

Some fantastic PR's acheived yesterday - full race report tomorrow under events British GPS Ladder.
Good news, I've just spoken to Steve the site foreman
the lake is open at the weekend  and the contracters are not working this weekend

Good effort paul, cheers. Looks like there will be a few dissapointed mums this weekend :)  
Ignor my last comment, thought it was mothers day this comming weekend. Just started to butter the wife up, and she's laughed and told me Im a week to early, dahhh.
Thanks Paul, I could be up for a trip from Devon.  Saturday looking quite good.

I'd be gutted to get there and find great conditions and the lake blocked off though - so please keep us posted if there's any further news.

Ditto, I have been reading these posts about WK, I am thinking of taking a trip from Lincolnshire at the weekend, any/all updates appreciated.
I.ll call in to compound on Friday pm and speak to Steve again ,just to double check its ok to sail at the weekend. Check out Steve Thorp's website for some pics of last weekend
Thanks Paul for all the Updates regarding possible sailing!
It's fully appreciated.
Looks like the sluices have been opened

Water level very low - looking at the height of water again the supports for the jetty