Interested in feedback as there has been discussion on this site previously over whether tracks can be filtered by a maximum acceleration figure...  it has been suggested that  2 to 2.5  m/s ²   is getting outside the range possible!
I have a track that  gives  acceleration  over    7   one second segments  as
2.3 - 4.0 - 4.5 - 4.3 -3.6 - 2.2 - 1.6
This is staggering as it is  zero to 50 knots in around 7 to 8 seconds  and over  less than 100 metres from a standing start!!

now this  acceleration  is as good as a  2007  Jag xk  from data I could find on the net  in a  0 - 96k   run

the track is backed up by doppler data   and 5  other runs in the same session have   maximum  linear acc of   3.7m/s²   3.1 -  3  -  2.7  and  2   

Ok  this is a kite I am discussing   but what  max  acceleration values have you recorded that  look to be  legit  and not a spike.... and is there a limit  to how fast a kite or windsurfer can accelerate!     

I  suspect  that this could be  record status for acceleration!   
For those unsure where to find the acceleration figure in GPSAR under TRACKS PANEL   open  Track points Table   and look for  the  feild   (linear m/s²)    

Chris Torckler

Baked up by Doppler data so it sounds legit. to me. There is no doubt that kites can accelerate very quickly in the right conditions. I have also had some very impressive acceleration on 90 degree bearaways windsurfing in a 30-35 knots Easterly. from 15 knots to 40+ knots in about 5 seconds. Woooohoooo!
Andrew...  the track was run by  Gavin Broadbent at Port Waikato in his last session ....  I have sent Mal a copy of the track  to look at  for comment as well....       it would be interesting  to search back through your tracks and  put up some actual figures  so we can get an idea  of how relative this is to other sailors.....    as I think the acceleration here is  top shelf stuff!
looking at some of the top tracks  run by the record breaking kiters they tend to have a steady acceleration up to top speed   with figures like   1.5 to   2.5 ....       

so very interested to see  some actual data put up to compare!

ps ... to any one checking figures..... when you open the track point page you can click in the  linear field  and it will align them in order  fastest to slowest....  so its easy to pick out the fastest  acceleration figures