When viewing the added sessionsof last month, it surprises me so much guys are adding their session data manually.

I wonder why. For those who add their session manually, what's your reason?
I use GPSresults and when I auto upload a session I get an error on the site, so i only can manually add a session.
I enjoy the process of manually adding my session. It is part of the ritual.
Also, RealSpeed is not yet enabled for auto upload and even if I auto upload I still have to log on manually to post my comments.
I started adding sessions manually in order to add the Alpha racing value.  I noticed if I uploaded the data automatically from gpsar, I was not able to manually add the single value for alpha racing.  However, if I manually add the session, I am able to add the alpha value.  It has now started to become a ritual like Andrew suggests.  However, unlike Andrew's postings, my ritual never seems to involve typing '30' or '40'...

1/  The Ritual, like typing in the Speed Numbers, thou not happening lately, considering moving to the “Western States” of the Down Under Empire so I can type in those elusive 40 + knot numbers manually.

2/ Manual Process has the luxury of control, "SpeedSurfing is all about control".


3/ If I was posting 100 + session per year, may consider the Automation process……

No I wouldn’t.

With my GT-31 automatic uploading is very easy.
With my Garmin I tried several times but everytime time it went wrong.
So I just gave up automatic Garmin track uploading.
I do not know how to autoupload. I use GPSAR. It would save me some time.
Just download GPSresulst at it's super easy 1click and all the numbers are in place and you don't need special programs
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