The USM events have been a good success here in the UK thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of a handful of key people. We would like to help these guys take things a stage further, and reach out to those who aren't yet attending event or registered here and uploading GPS data. 

Users of this superb site are generally pretty committed to speed sailing already but I'm sure there are plenty more who are keen but just need a bit of gentle encouragement to get the most out of their GPS and their speed sailing. Most of these guys and girls won't be using this site so I ask every GPS windsurfer in the UK reading this to log on to and find out a bit more about how we plan to share our and your enthusiasm to bring new blood to the British USMs this year. 

We'll be offering prizes for the fastest sailors on our chosen USM days but more importantly the events are about encouraging newcomers, taking the opportunity to help novice speed sailors with rigging, tuning and technical details on how to use the GPS. There will be boards and rigs available to demo and team riders on hand to offer their advice. Most importantly, as with all USM, the events will only be called on a GOOD FORECAST - so a lot easier to justify a long journey and make the extra effort for.

The link for more details once again...

Hope to see you on the water!

Good stuff nice to see a uk distributer/brand getting involved in speed and I look forward to trying some different kit..
On the same sort of topic Windtek have a new in shop speed ladder for improving speed sailors, its based on max speeds to start with and open to non gold fleet sailors with prizes  for the most improved sailors this season.

Windtek also have some demo kit and gps to borrow if you feel the urge to give it a try.

If you sail portland harbour pop in the shop for some advice or feel free to collar me if you see me down the beach and I'll help you all I can, I should normally have a spare gps aswell if you want a try.