Hi, I have paid for premium membership on 14th Oct, but you have not yet given me access.

Regards Steve Thompson

Hi, must me be ok now...

Still not giving access. Went to view tracks on map but just redirects me to subscription page. My welcome page just tells me that my subscription has expired Oct 2018.

I have logged out and back in BTW.

Hi Steve,

Could you please check it again ? 

GP3S Crew

Looks OK now. Thanks for your help-on a Sunday too??

Same problem, paid Oct. 12th, no acces. Regards Lars

OK now, thank you !!

same here, in fact paid twice... (just keep the second as a donation)

no access :(




Same here, paid 23 oct and no access.

Grtz Arthur


As described online subscribtions will be normally activated directly, but in some occassions technical problems can occur, in this case your account will be manually activated within 5 working days. Please contact us at to help you with this, the fastest way to resolve any issues is by sending us an email. anybody here?

I have paid,send you an e-mail but nothing happens. Can you please activate my premium membership.

Thanks in advance