With all the dutch posts I'm reading I think I'm slowly learning the language
Would be nice if you guys could post in english.
i'm doing my best but a lot of guys just won't do it.
Just like the Sweeds i can't understand them also.
I Think they are all to lazy 
I dit it for a while bu everyone else didn't so stopped writing in english.........wil start it up again or maybe do it both.
suggestion: I can suggest to all greek members to post in greek, or to be more accurate "grenglish"...... it will be something like this: "kathbhkan oloi oi gkagkaroi kai ginane spidades!!"  ;-)))
I'd like to suggest as well that everyone would post in english. Though Chinese & Portugese are far more widespread over the world, I doubt if many of them are speedsurfers and even more I think that everyone understands english more or less. Maybe it's an international website, let's keep it that way...
If there is a subject that is read by everybody, I will post in English.
But I do not think that anybody ( but me and my friends) will read my comment that I ad at my session.
Sessions that are read more, like on Strand Horst or Kabbelaarsbank where the speeds are better, I will post in English :)
Hi Guys
Yeah would be good to see more posts in English. I certainly click on a lot of the posts from the Netherlands especially when you chaps are hitting huge speeds and its great to read the one's written in English!!!
I like reading the comments of other speedies. So when posting a session I think about that. I've added 1 or 2 postings in Dutch. The reason for that was I couldn't express myself in English that moment.

Posting a session and your comment in English is nice.
You're free of choosing an other language, just don't stop posting sessions because you think you have to write in English!