Hi all.
I'm trying to upload a pic of Sandy Point from 1989 63 knots to the forum. I have uploaded it to
FTP directory /gps-speedsurfing/AU/ at
Trying to add it to the forum on "how much wind have you sailed in"
What do I do next - or is it awaiting scrutiny?
Pretty damn good pic...
Given to me by Gary McGreggor. Not sure if he took it but I give him some credit for still having it....
Good morning / evening Tony!

I did n't have much success with the route of publisjhng photos via the ftp 50kts site - username problem and no access.

If you can open the photo up in a separate browser window, we are halfway there.

Follow these steps:

1.Ensure the photo is no wider than 650 pixels otherwise the forum page gets messed up.

2. Open two sessions of IE. One logged into gp3s in preparation for adding a message to the forum topic, the other session your photo displayed. In this window hit CTRL A this selects the photo (turns a blueish), then hit CTRL C this copies the photo (you probably know this already - apologies for teaching you to suck eggs - as they say)

3. Move to you GP3S session, in this add message window type in whatever text followed by a couple of carriage returns.

4. Now hit CTRL V - this pastes the picture in that you have in the buffer. The pic/photo appears in the message window and not the path to the file.

5. Ensure the photo fits width wise and does not overshoot the width of the add message window, noted by the appearance of the horizontal scroll bar. If so some adjustment can be made to the pic using the grips, but this tends to distort the apsect ratio. Best practice - get the picture the correct size prior to uploading ie. no wider than 650 pixels.

6. If the picture cannot be displayed in a separate IE session with the FTP site Url you will have to use an alternative public access photo sharing site, which there are numerous available. I used Windows Live.

7. As far as I am aware Dylan has to be notified once a file has been uploaded to the ftp site, he then works his magic and publishes it. It then appears under the Media section via the top menu bar. The above (1-6) by passes the need for this,  perhaps not strictly the correct approach tho'.

Best regards