Check out Dave Morehead of Tassie Speed Seekers creates world record (Am I allowed to say that?)  GPS Team Challenge Record!!!!!!
Thanks Hardie, another very good reason for the UK and Eire speedies to get involved with the GPSTC. The inter team spirit must be a real buzz for you all.

Well done Dave - sterling effort!!

UK and Eire - time to take on the challenge.

We need some team leaders to come forth for the various UK and Eire spots, such as  (just my thoughts)

Alastair Nichol - Eire
Nik Dodd - Sw (St. Johns  / Devon & Cornwall
Pete Young  - South Coast (Portland and Poole)
????- SE (The Ray and SE/East coast Spots)
Al Cross - N / NW England

Each team can have as many sailors in, min 2, ideally max of 6-10. Areas of the country with a large sailing community could be split,  to have several teams.

Input please


Only think there will be a few of us over here in Ireland taking part but i will bring this up at the next Irish Speedsailing meeting in a few weeks to see if i can get more people involved.

Stick me down to be the team leader over here in Ireland.

What do i need to do to register the guys that want to take part


Hi Alastair, I shall download the registration forms in prep for the teams that sign up.

drop me an email sometime, so that I have your contact details.

cheers mate
Just a heads up on team make-up etc - team members don't neccessarily have to sail in one geographical area to be part of the same team.  I for instance sail 700km to the north of my team, the Moreton Bay Mob (Brisbane) , and Far North Queensland Mob consist of approx 20 sailors from Mackay all the way up to Cairns (around 800km apart).  As I'm the only GPS sailor in my home town it is really great I can (sometimes) contribute and be part of a speed sailing team.  

The team challenge makes speed sailing so much more enjoyable as not only do you get to challenge your own personal bests but also compete with teams on a national and now international platform.  As an example of this month's Spring Cup that ends today, there were 6 teams in the mix before the weekend who could take it out.  The Moreton Bay Mob  (with absolutely no assistance from me) pulled out a monster session yesterday only to be relegated to 2nd place by some crazy bastard sailing 511km and averaging a 25knot 1 hour pushing their team into first.  don't know if anyone today has tried to better their teams position today, but I suspect we'll know who the winner is by tonight.

You'll never regret joining the challenge.
More than happy to look after the Devon and Cornwall team!

Thanks for the feedback Brian and Nic.

Holland and Germany are you  playing????? and the rest of Europe?
Yes you are all welcome and its free!!!!!!!