Site update 20 October


I have redesigned the friendsranking and divided the functions over two pages:

-          Rankings and stats regarding your friends

-          Admin page to delete/add and track friends or connections


I have also added some stats in graphing format. For example nr sessions per spot / per year for your friends and another example is distance traveled per spot / per year  or country.


Let me know if you would like to have more stat under your friendsranking.


Have fun


The right pane part of the friendsranking pages is now also customized to show the :
- friends year top 10
- friends month top 10
- friends latest sessions
- friends latest PB (based on avg)

so create your own firiendsranking and compare yourself with your friends and get more fun out of gps-speedsurfing.
Super, also great for your GPSTC teammates!