OK then,

Where do i start? right there seems to be a top windsurfer from all catergories nominated for this will not go into detail follow this link so what i'm getting at is.

Yes  i understand this individual has done well in an empty fleet.

But what about people like Ian Richards that follows the wind from east to west and south to north to compete monthly no matter what against the rest of the world on his own income to rank himself 21st for average speed for the year. Or to put it in true perspective 8th on the evaluated ranking in the world so far for the year! Now remember this bloke has no sponser at the moment this is pure drive,determination and i imagine an understaning family!

Or Steve Thorp first person to get 50 knots on a gps on UK waters now thats an achievment on its own!!!

And there are others that have excelled in the last year which makes me very confused about this set up?

So anyway have a think about it and be realistic what do you really think?

I will put this on boards forum as soon as i can sort my isp sorted out and on ukwa forum when i remember my password.

Sorry to be a pain but i think the wrong speed sailor has been nominated and others have had an injustice done to them personally i (i cannot say any more).

Thank you for your time and hope i am not being an arse.

Ps personally i think the young lad should get it (Kieran)

LOL you tell em Mark, I would vote Will Trossell because 1, he stores all his speed kit in my garage (handy) , 2 for going cycling in the Dales on the windiest Kirby day for years (hard core) , 3 winning the Dahab holiday in the novice category (dodgy).


they sound like a robust 3 categories to me :-)