It's now time to replace my current quiver of KA Koncept's (8.3m, 7.3m, 6.4m & 5.7m) which will be available for sale when my new sails arrive late December/Early January. If you are interested in any of these sails i can accept a deposit to secure them until they become available for sale. i am also selling a couple of other sails and some wave fins which will be available now.

Also if you buy more than one item from me i will be able to do a bit of a deal for you 

You can checkout all my items for sale on my blog and the list of stuff for sale is below

and i can be contacted at if you are interested in buying anything.

I can also supply more pictures on request



2005 10.5m Demon Design VG5 with 580cm North Viper 100% Carbon Mast-400 Euros (Available Now)

2009 6.4m KA Kult (Luff-470cm, Boom-195cm)-200 Euros (Available Now)

2010 8.3m KA Koncept (Luff-510cm, Boom-215cm, 3 Cams)-250 Euros (Available Late December/Early January)

2010 7.3m KA Koncept (Luff-481cm, Boom-202cm, 3 Cams)-250 Euros (Available Late December/Early January)

2010 6.4m KA Koncept (Luff-466cm, Boom-183cm, 3 Cams)-250 Euros (Available Late December/Early January)

2010 5.7m KA Koncept (Luff-436cm, Boom-172cm, 3 Cams)-250 Euros (Available Late December/Early January)

The 6.4m and 5.7m Koncept's will both rig on a SDM and RDM mast. There will be SDM cams supplied with sails and if you want to use these on a RDM you need to purchase a RDM cam kit. I can provide information on where you can purchase these.


23.5cm G-Sport Surf Wave (Real World Wave) Fin-40 Euros

26cm Vector Fins Maui Onshore Wave (Real World Wave) Fin-60 Euro