Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.04
2Antony Todd43.16
3Steve Thorp41.14
4Chris Bates40.48
5Paul Burgess39.22

Thought I had a little PB on peak...Must of read it wrong.

Still a great days speedsailing.

Good to catch up with everyone and sail Kirby. Frustrating day for me on the water. Tried an SDM Flex top in the Hot sails, wiped out and my weight jacket exploded sending all the lead to the bottom.
Sailing without lead now I'm 74kg is like riding a 50cc scooter, doesn't matter how hard you will the thing to go faster, the power just isn't there. The Hot sail 'gps' is much better on the RDM mast although perhaps some time/tuning/spacers could make the SDM work. 

on the water bright and early, way too broad to begin with, then it was not bad for an hour at mid morning. After that the wind eased back and that was it. oh yeah and it was frigging cold. Left my gas kettle on in the van for a brew and forgot about it :-(   came back to melted tea pot.  lucky van wasnt on fire...