Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers41.54
2Stefan Brouwers40.4
3Robin Blondeel38.32
4Fabian Crombeen38.1
5David Van der Veken36.63

Short gusts. Probably picked the wrong spot when i look at the other session. ODH should have been better choice, but had fun with only 3 others.

lekker gevare maar presies foute spot keuze zo te zien mr nog een lekker gevare :p

A never had real good speed at this spot but great fun. After some tuning settings the gear went pretty good although I wondered what was holding the speed down..

Tried the asy speed fin 19,5 cm port tack first but could' nt get that 70 km run.. bizar. Jibe was pretty fast but my starting speed wasn't that high so  i have some work on that one!
Not cold at all while windsurfing and nice gang (only 5 in total) and a real hard gusty session to begin with.

Did'nt think i could hold the powerful 5.5 but it felt great, now getting those speed up!! Untill next time!