Results of the day
1Ian Richards40.59
2Jim Crossley40.46
3Michael George39.52
4Scotty Stallman37.45

well done Scotty on breaking the 40 knots at the old age 14 lol...must be a record ?

Fun session at the Ray today. The wind was a lot lighter than expected but it filled in a bit at dusk and that's when we got our best speeds.

Congratulations to Scotty on breaking the 40 knot barrier at just 14 years old. :)

Great to get out and have a test of the Loft speed blade.  The wind was much lighter than I expected and only seemed to pick up after I packed up!  Thought the guys whe stayed out till after dark were absolute bonkers! 

Loved the new sail and although I should have been on the 5.9.  Started out with my settings a bit wrong and had to loose the weight jacket to stop me sinking. I let the downhaul of and it worked really well.  Looking foward to going out in some proper wind!