Results of the day
1Lee Spencer32.63
2Rob King31.44
3Paul Arnold29.41
4John Kennedy29.28
5Shemi Adams27.3
6Scotty Stallman26.84
7Phil Noden26.29
8Tim Gulland25.41

On the water early with Shemi and it was on and off 7.8 weather but hey it was double digit temperatures and we had the whole harbour to ourselves for a while. The double dip low made it a bit squeaky bum at times but it wasn't dull.

Then it was no longer 7.8 weather and it was very very busy so called it a day before it ended badly for someone.


Low tide session so couldn't get close to bank, bearing away into ever increasing chop was edgy, not that it bothered a certain Mr.Crossley,balls of steel!

I need a smaller sail!

Quickie , not nice