Results of the day
1Pete Young36.5
2Lee Spencer33.09
3Matthew Spooner32.3
4Scotty Stallman32.18
5Matthew York31.71
6Lee Spencer31.24
7Paul Arnold29.86
8Mark Matthews29.82
9Chris Pankhurst 27.21
10Tim Gulland27.08

Nice hour before low tide. No one else got up early enough so I had the harbour to myself.

fun and warmth   Happy  alpha,s   otc day today  no muddy,,, digger,, parking spaces  

morning session on RS3 board, afternoon on Manta 74. Best winter session ever!

Lot of waiting for tides

well i certainly have forgotten how to sail fast well out of practice!

but good to come out of retirement and still throw a half decent gybe in........ eventually, nice to be back out and going to make more time to go sailing this year. Got caught up in work last 6 months and forgot to work to live, not live to work!!!!!!

popped down to weymouth sunday for a spot of slalom training , as i need gybing practice :)lol , turned out ok , missed the best bit as high tide was early and had to leave early to get back to the midlands , but good day , tried a few s types out 32 and 29 work great in the is90 ,had a couple of 33 peaks but hard place to go fast unless your a local :)lol

Slalom Training