Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.72
2Antony Todd43.61
3Damien Nico42.83
4Jean-marc Degrelle42.38
5Jean-marc Degrelle42.38
6Laurent Fesquet42.12
7steve laubaney41.61
8Christophe Peyrouse40.86
9Dennis Klaaijsen39.59
10Jeroen Steenaard34.68
11Birgit Hoefer33.97

Destroyed my 5.0 and having GPS issues. But nice conditons today

much better than we expected when we arrived on the beach this morning !!!

congrats to fast men!

happy for my results,best speeds since a long time,my personnal best are not so far,

spring's coming,it's time to improve!

Good speeds guys!! and heard even better ones are to come.....

@Anthony: If you destroyed your 5.0 completely and you need a new one.  There is a NP EVO6 5.0 en occasion at Fun Difussion in Narbonne (450 euros) .

In the morning Damian Nico was the only one brave enough to face the 60 -plus knots elements, respect.


Started with 4.6 RS 6 and switched to the 5.2 evo 8 after a couple of runs. Slowly dailing into the speed groove.


Extreme conditions in the morning. Did just a couple of runs in the afternoon. Thanks for the RS6 4.6 Dennis!

posted for weride challenge ;)

First session of the year.