Results of the day
1Ian Richards45.05
2Oisin van Gelderen43.72
3Matthew York42.33
4Chris Bates40.39
5Darren Mathers27.93
6John Martin21.46

Way too much for me today on the kit I've presently got. Couldnet keep the board under control or the sail. That said for the short time I was out it was great and I managed a few runs,,,just

Sunny & perfect direction, totally enjoyed it. After sailing on the tide early on I'm FUBAR... Sleep tonight 

good to have a go again :)

what an awesome day that was , average forcast gusting 34 knots , sun was shining not to cold , and perfect angle ..

not quite a max PB speed but 2nd fastest ever at 46.20 on the screen 

still stoked though , the new 2016 Starboard w44 luderitz was awesome 

plus the new 2016 Point-7 AC1 5.6 just kept giving 

my favourite fin Black projects XLs gripped perfectly at speed 

great day 

Windier than we were hoping for

Nice day out. and spot pb 500m...up to 4th behind the dutchies and Faz