Results of the day
1Pete Young33.65
2Michael George29.99
3Scotty Stallman29.84
4Mark Newman29.73
5Lee Spencer29.11
6Paul Arnold27.55
7Chris Pankhurst 23.42

did my best for a good hour out in the middle of the harbour, not that good tbh

Good day at Portland, though tempted to change down I stayed out on larger kit, good hour with Lea this morning and a quick sail with Pete this afternoon, iSonic 107, R7 7.8, F-Hot 36cm RS3 Fin

First time out on the 7.0m and back to bare feet. :)

I tried the 90L a couple of times but the 108L was going better.

im back in the game  had trouble with computor change ( 4 th time )and wanted payment again so swapped to action replay  

crap session but only there  for the beef in me arms   4 weeks in a dessert   of nogo  is long enough 

nice bank holiday mon , hard work at times but nice on RS3 for a change ,did'nt bring my big stuff worked out just fine though