Results of the day
1Damien Nico43.82
2Antony Todd43.27
3Dennis De Pauw42.71
4Vincent Valkenaers42.34
5Carsten Hanke41.8
6Wolfgang Lewang41.48
7Wolfgang Lewang41.48
8Tom De Pauw40.74
9Nico Nouwen39.86
10Jurgen Verdurmen39.82
11Eric Bellenger39.79
12Rob Buis39.04
13Klaus Küppenbender38.84
14Paul Van De Perre37.97
15Marco Smeele37.05
16Jason Grafton35.27
17Heike Kracke34.6
18Heike Kracke34.6
19Laurent Paya34.19
20Edwin Roestenburg31.21

Day 2. Personal best in 5 # 10  : )

super Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super geiler PR Tag!
Besten Dank für die sehr guten Tips an Klaus und Wolfgang!
Einfach Happy!!!!!!

Very long day at the beach.


Wind was too broad so the course became too choppy. 

In the evenening the wind picked up but was too square and too gusty. Had one massive gust, 88.05km/u max !! New PR !

Was fun because Paul Gino and my dad saw me doing that big slingshot :-D Almost crashed while breaking but could keep control.


Also have a PR on the nautical, but still room for improvement !


80km/u avg is the next goal !

Another day of FUN in the SUN in speedparadise LF.

Did a mile with Dennis (same speed ;-) for the TC of the month.

Happy !

I was hoping for better results today but was feeling tired after sailing the last couple of days. hopefully ill do better tomorrow 

repost weride leucate

Super long day at La Franqui ended with a PR for this nice spot!

Repost für WeRide Leucate!

arrived just too late after 11 hours of driving, too bad. wind looked promesing, my first run was immediatly super fast for the conditions I hoped I could do 5 of them but the wind dropped super fast. I even riged my 6.4 but it didn't work out. 

but stil nice to be here. 


Vandaag de eerste keer voor mij op La Franqui. Ik vond de omstandigheden niet heel erg gemakkelijk. Veel wind, weinig wind, hele ruime wind en vervolgens draaiend naar ruim de andere kant op. Uiteindelijk wel een prima sessie voor de 1e keer op een nieuwe spot.