Results of the day
1Lee Spencer33.83
2Jim Brake33.08
3Anthony Barber32.87
4John Kennedy32.69
5Paul Arnold31.73
6Duncan Adam29.21
7Chris Pankhurst 26.09
8John Kennedy26.01

No great speeds, was trying to remember how to use the kit, its been so long.

result taken off a garmin vivoactive HR to compare with my broken GT31 (screen broken)

off to a slow start but got faster, been a while since i was on small sails

knackering but enjoyable, last time i was on 5.6 was december i think

 gutted on alpha 21 .34 on 250 not 500  due to sand bank and dropped it 

 session was mental in every way,,  i was set up  so bad with  wrong gear in howling winds  im glad i came in , in one piece  i should have had  a 4.7  or lower slalom sail not a pesky  wave sail  but then i should have had a  wave board  due to the white horses  it felt  like a wind  more than 30 knots to contend with 

Well it was a loverly day on a dropping tide and it was sunny, windy and busy, I struggled for trim and was on a pretty small baord for me in Portland so that took a bit of adjustment but it was a lot of fun when the wind was there.

Afternoon low water session on wave kit in the harbour LOL so easy just to jump on and go.....