Results of the day
1Pete Young34.22
2Mark Newman32.96
3Scotty Stallman32.15
4Lee Spencer29.81
5Paul Arnold28.03
6John Oliver26.57
7Chris Pankhurst 26.18

No wind, lots of wind. Low tide & choppy...

125/43 68/39 66/37...

Bonus afternoon session today, wind was a bit up and down, decided on the iSonic 90 and Reflex 7 7.0m sail witha 34cm RS3 F-Hot fin, slightly overpowered to begin with, but as the wind settled in turned into a great session, unfortunately the crowded harbour stopped any good runs, but still a great afternoon!

 first time out on 2016 warp 7 meter  and im still to get it tuned properly  but oh my god  so stoked  ," bollocks to all that ",,  i was hyperventilatin before i hit the water   

gibing was a bit of a handfull   but il sort that out with the scissors  probably be a 6.950  sail when im done 

   looking foward to tuning myself to it     nice sail  but very busy dodging and doin  dough nuts,,  and  hand  brake turns missing strings  !   


Darn that chop !!!!

Shorter harness line experiment went ok just needs a bit of getting used to, low tide and total destruction of z fin was not so pretty.

died for 4 days after this session, man flu!

Weymouth or bognor?