Results of the day
1Grant Cottrell 25.68
2Grant Cottrell 24.41
3Grant Cottrell 24.41
4Matthew York23.52
5John Oliver22.67
6Nic Dodd21.8

Weymouth Speed Week Day 4 . Better wind today , unfortunatley I was on a 107 iSonic and was struggling to make the full 500m with power. The guys who new what they were doing looked fast !

Just missed out on 1st place yesterday in the light winds by 0.262 Kn , it was only light winds but it would have been nice.

Weymouth Speed Week Day 4.  Wind was better today , found that my times on the 8.3m were not improving tp changed to a 7.6m , managed a couple of runs but 500m is a long way when there are holes Great fun though. I was on my 107 iSonic

Tuesday , first day of wind for me at Weymouth Speedweek , 8.6 weather super choppy , did my back in on tuesday due to the chop ,not fast not fun either