Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel45.08
2Vincent Valkenaers43.52
3Jacques van der Hout43.15
4Alex van der Meer41.97
5Stefan Brouwers41.72
6Manfred Merle41.3
7Ralf Ewers40.97
8Edwin Harteveld40.81
9Patrick Oberlender40.53
10Gerwin Slingerland40.5
11Nikaj Droop40.17
12Patrick Miller39.74
13Marcel Hooijmans38.99
14Carsten Hanke38.95
15Birger Bruhns36.81
16Danny Strynck20.33

Kapotte lat gaat nie hard :) 
Met haakse wind was ik snel klaar. Was effe goed!

What an EPIC day.

Started in the morning with port side. Hard to go really fast. When i got used to the set the wind picked up to the extreme 50+ knots propably gusts around 60kn. So we had to wait for the windshift and some knots less.

At the end of the day the wind course was really fast, but the wind died alse fast. Had a great time learned a lot in this extreme weather.

pfff wat een dag!

Respect voor Hans die zo mooi zn runs maakte ondanks de harde mokervlagen.

gelukkig zie ik bij mezelf ook een verbetering dat ik met deze omstandigheden nog fatsoenlijke runs kan maken, eerlijkheidshalve moet ik wel bekennen dat ik veel vlagen voorbij heb laten gaan ;-)

Nikaj: bedankt voor het tunen.

Jack: jij ook bedankt voor de support ;-)


veel te veel wind na lang wachte in de koud dan toch en paar runs kunne doen maar de wind zakte ineens heel snel:p maar weer wat bij geleerd 

That was a proper session the wind was super strong.

Jacques got himself a nice birthday present thanks for sharing!!!!! Shame you lect early.

At times the wind was way to strong for the spot and all of us. But felt great battling the wind and give the proto some more time to see what it is capable of . Hopefully soon more of this.

Totally empty now it was a long epic day.

Good to see so many guys having a go.

Pas in de middag gaan varen,

Wind was voor mij te hard om er een hoge avg en max uit te halen.

Volgende x beter.

It's always big fun to battle with the nature and all the guys doing the same.

Maybe I was half an hour to late on the water. Think the average could have been a knot higher, but who cares, big fun and finally able to test some new toys :-)

Massive conditions today in Ouddorp. First time I had to wait for lulls to get started ;-)

Storm Chase in NL !

That´s the reason why we love our sport so much ...

- fight against the power of mother nature and pushing the limits with a lot of speed friends !

Most of the time is was to much wind !

But pushing me again and again to give a go for the speedrun :-)

In the morning a bit less wind but the wrong site for me!

Dont find my setup :-(((

After a break because of constant 50-60 knots for two hours we went out again around 13.15 ... but wind was pushing again ... but right food in front , z fin under the board and much motivated ..

going for 2seconds for a while and happy with the result...

using the board for the first time!

Amazing! you dont feel anything under your feet :-)

hopefully 3-4 days more of this in this year ... to go higher in the german speed king...

amazing , it was my first speed day this year after broken my feet last year and a very long recovery in the first half of the year.

nice to have a long day with friends in these conditions!


repost, wrong date

Maybe a little late. It tooks two runs to get my selfconfidence back in ouddorp haven. Then the wind drops. Very happy with my topspeed with the new F2017.

Nice to see all the speed junkies again

Something too late on the water!

1000 km in the car and 7 km on the water, efectiv :-)


Not my day. Started way too late.