Results of the day
1Minos Efstathiadis34.95
2Kostas Stamboulis34.71
3Philip Adamidis34.46
4John Papaspirou34.08
5Panagiotis Chairopoulos33.81
6Manolis Kapnisakis32.83
7Thomopoulos Dinos32.61
8kostas laliotis32.05
9Thodoros Romanos31.18
10Stephanos Grapsas30.11
11Georgios Flamis30.08
12Leta Margoni30.05
13Konstantinos Dimopoulos29.72
14Doxis Milidakis29.32
15George Papagiannakis28.57
16Vasilis Zervas25.91
17Goulielmos Giorgos24.93

1st HSSWA Speed Race 2017

1st stop of our national speed championship.

Hard competition between 6 fast guys!

Winning feels good...

τα χουν αυτα οι αγωνες...

λαθος γατζοσκοινα με λαθος πραγματα και λαθος τριμαρισμα σε λαθος καιρο...μεχρι λαθος φορμα (2/3 το δαγκωσα) ....αλλα  σε μια παρα πολυ καλη διοργανωση και ακομα καλυτερη παρεα .!!!!!


1st HSSWA Speed Event 2017. Complete success and lots of happy faces!

One happy face less: 0.1 knots difference in heat #3 sent me ftom 1st to 3rd!!!

Still happy though for the succesful event

1st National Speed Competition after almost 2 years. Very happy with my Point-7 sails, they are simply the fastest sails i have ever tried and the feeling of controlled power is unbelievable. My boards and fins combination seem to be the no excuse combo for this year. Definitely not my best result but it is always good to sail fast with friends. Many lessons learned so next time will be back in the game.


My 1st session & my 1st windsurfing race!