Results of the day
1Farrel O Shea42.21
2Steve Thorp42.13
3Howard Rowson40.99
4Ian Richards39.42
5Stuart Trunkfield39.29
6Neil Hardwick38.73
7Will Trossell36.2
8Mark Hayford35.51
9Graham Clegg35.42
10Peter Crook35.4
11Mark Bailey34.27
12Tristan Haskins34.24
13Duncan Adam33.45
14Chris Howe32.58
15Paul Burgess32.09
16Rob Morgan27.33
17Jack Bailey21.92
Achieved some new PR's!
Lost my Headcam!
Had a blast with the lads!
Great to meet up with Chris and Tris!
Roll on June we need more days like today!
how cold ? still not warmed up properly yet. hav'nt been on a board in 3 months and do'nt i know it. good fun though. had a 41kt wipe out "makes you feel alive".great to see everyone again.going to have a go tomorrow morning if ive thawed out.

I've been waiting for a day like today for some time. Up until now the search for more speed had been slow with a knot here and half a knot there etc but with today’s session I managed to smash most of my previous PB’s.


Decided to experiment a little towards the end of the day and changed my fin from the stock 36cm fin that came with the board to a Select Super-X 32cm. I couldn’t believe the difference for the better that it made but I’d made the change too late in the day as I was cold, tired, cramp was setting in, my concentration was suffering and I was unable to better my speeds from earlier on. In similar conditions I’ll go with the 32cm fin from the start.


Fantastic day.


....was really looking forward to a hot shower after de-rigging but unfortunately it looked like the the car park guy had done a swift one and locked up the changing rooms early L

Great day - good to meet some of the PROPER fast guys. I'll be back :-)

Finally, a decent blow after more than 3-months off a speedboard. Bloody freezing if you stop moving around for more than 2 minutes. Very very gusty today, one second no wind, the next second you'd get hit by a 35k gust. A handfull of guys got great times, but today was not my day, very simply the speed just was'nt there. I broke a mast extension, snapped a downhaul rope, broke my adjustable outhaul and snapped a plastic part on my seat harness (but had a spare), so seemed to spend loads of time fannying around fix/changing things!! Started of on the SB W53/6.8m/29cm but soon started to be way over powered, so rigged up a 5.8m, this was much better. As it was so gusty, I stayed on the bigger W53, easy/lazy option. For the last 30 minutes, I got the W44 out, wow, lovely board and I should have been on this all day. So much better through the rolling chop and real nice in the gusts (but hard work in the lulls). I was not really relaxing on the W44 as I didnt really believe that I could sail a 50 ltr board so trim/stance was poor and soon used up my energy (next time will be good). Called it a day at 4.30 as cramps and chilles were starting to set in. Nice call by Howie, cheers. 

1st class day, enjoyed.     
Average Speed of two GT31s / Firmware 1.2(B1405x) / GPS Results V6.

Aquapac - upper right arm, GPSs head to head

Both GT31s gave exactly  the same 10s avg result when analysed individually.

Session comments to follow
Great day - broke most of my PBs. A long drive from London but worth it and I wanted to visit WK before it shut.
Started off on my 6.7 with 29cm fin and couldn't get past 34kt peaks. As soon as  switched to the 5.8 and 25cm I got 38kts on my first run!Great to see some other speedies doing seriously fast runs. Cold day though, finger ends still tingling. Oh and my speed board is on order!!
Great to get back out on the speed kit again and great to catch up with everyone, just in the nick of time..

Shame it wasn't a bit quicker, only felt lit for a couple of moments despite being on the 5.7 for a change and only being 85kg (+10 for the lead). It was soo bitterly cold though, I'm not sure I fancied too much wind, very hard work! (I dare say the 4 month break hasn't helped or the 6hrs wavesailing the day before)

Started the day on the C3 20, which is what I did the 42.7 on. Then swapped to a TM50 and did the 43.

I did use 2 gp31's, I'll have to download the other one later.

Looked like Farrell was flying as usual, I'm sure he'll have a few high scores, I saw a 45 on his dial..
And looks like him and John are going to score it today too..

Top day, some pics to come

Shall I delete the extra gt31 result?
Some pics on my site ( - Blog)
thx jon