Results of the day
1Peter de Wit37.59
2Erik Loots36.65
Together with Peter we went for some testing&tuning of the new boards/fins/sail. Both very good powered by a 6.2 RS Racing EVO 1/2.

The wind was extremly gusty making it hard to build up a speedrun. (you had to be lucky) Had several "almost-crash" moments...

In the end I caught a 35kn gust, and just went full on downwind thru the chop. Never could imagen a 41+ kn peak over BIG chop on a fanatic falcon 79...

Thanks to the New 2009 Select Caspar Speed 29cm I was able to do that kind of speed safe over 0,5m chop. It is just amazing how much control I had, and I could stop just by pushing the tail down, no crash needed! Fastest run/topspeed ever for me on the Amstelmeer.

I know what fins I will order... I feel it is possible again to break my old Amstelmeer average :)
G   U   s  T y

But fun to sail,

I sailed the 6,2 for the first time and din't even have to change the settings after rigging...

The Select Caspar was very nice and controlable in these extreme gusty/choppy conditions just like the original.
missed real Amstelmeer conditions.... I Have to settle for the snowboard on the matterhorn for 8 more weeks.... Great job out there, guys!!! Erik, was the top run with the evo2????? And where on the lake did you sail the top 10 sec.? At the bay or "het vogelreservaat".
Tim you really missed something!

The winddirection was constantly swifting between WNW and W.  Most of the time the wind was square at the dams.

My fastest run was @ the "vogelreservaat", just bearing of in a strong gust almost parallel to the Amstelmeer Dijk.

We changed the EVO1/2 a couple of times indeed:
-1&3 run were made with the EVO1
-2,4&5 run were made with the EVO2

The sails feel different, I concluded after today the EVO2 with enough downhaul is a bit more controlable in high-end.
I also wrote a short article about 23-03-09 @ Amstelmeer on Speedsurfingblog
Tnx Erik! Was nice to read. next time go for your avg. PR on amstelmeer!!!
Thx Tim

Next time with WNW or W I will try to break my own AVG, it is quite extreme speedsurfing to break the record... Still hope to break the magic 70kmh AVG on Amstelmeer this year

See you over 8 weeks, I guess you can't wait to do a fast 2009 session.