Results of the day
1Steve Thorp43.62
2Farrel O Shea42.47
3Howard Rowson40.22
4Paul Burgess35.78
5Neil Hardwick20.84

Could not get down to th lake untill 8.30, had two runs before been ask to leave the lake.
I normally use a 90% 430 bottom with a 90% 460 top that was cut down at the join.  Today, I tried a different mast 75% 430, the sail felt heavier and more power, the leach was not as loose, didn't have time to tune.
Average Speed of two GT31s / Firmware 1.2(B1405x) / GPS Results V6.

Session comments to follow
Up at 3am, on the water by 6! Off the water by 9:30.
Great mornings sailing, bit cold, fully lit but just too square to get super quick times. Bore off from the wall to get the max.
Cheers for the fin lend Faz.
Threw away any chance of pbeeing today.

The last couple of sessions I thought I was catching up the fast lads, nah not so.

Totally out of the comfort zone today, made many mistakes in the rush to get on the water and get 5 in the bag before the lake warden kicked us off. Here's the lo down.

-Last to arrive last on the water
-Wrong sail choice - getting on the water quick time I should have gone with what I knew best - 6m 06 stealth
- Went with the 5.5 07 with way too little downhaul, I knew this of course but failed to make the change in extension length another 30-40mm would have been right - why I did n't set it right - dunno probably in a rush to get out there with Paul, Steve and Faz. Sail just didn't feel comfortable at all, thus the strance was up shit creek.
- Could n't remember whether I'd locked the drivers door of the van, way too much time would have been wasted going back to check - that was playing on my mind half the time.
Overstretched the calves on the 2nd run down, dredded cramps kicked in - lack of a decent warm up and stretch before going out into the cool conditions. Raised the boom 30mm or so helped with better sail control and stance - speeds went up somewhat peaked at 42.35 a good knot less than what I should have been hitting today.

Stayed out for one run too many with Neil and got nailed by the warden. Did n't want to argue the toss as the tide was breaching, Neil headed back on the last run to the south end I followed a minute or so later.

Found out the hard way that speed gear don't like a dead run in 50cm chop at 35kts, went over the bars and lost the aquapac housing the dual GT31's. Had knackering swim to retrieve as the a-pac blew off down wind, then a swim back up wind to retrieve the gear, by this time surf was washing over the wall, still another 50m to go to safety. Eventually got back, van locked up safe and secure.

live and learn!
I know exactely what you're saying Howie. Sounds like you had an 'off' day. My mood seems to have a huge effect on my sailing these days. If I turn up at the beach and I don't like the look of the conditions, I sail like a muppet. If it's going off and I'm in a good mood, it's game on. I was surprised how up for it and awake I was on Friday despite the early start.
Getting slightly paranoid about my tracks now!


Must be a nightmare getting averages over 40 in your last couple of sessions....

I only had to drive 800 miles to get a 37 average a couple of weeks ago!!! LOL
I know I know all rather limp excuses.

What I should've done was, as soon as I thought I had n't locked the van (pretty muich as soon as I was up the north end for the first time,  I should have sailed the first 10s run, discovered I needed much more d/haul, chucked (carefully placed) the gear over the wall, had a warm up run back to the van, picked up the downhaul rope tool, not that would have helped, the cold had already numbed the hands, locked the van up, had another warm up jog back to the gear, applied the right amount of down haul, and a little less -ve o/haul,  left the tool in an appropriate position on the wall (for Steve to pick up on his last run , on passing at 45+ kts ;))  and gone and sailed properly and bagged some pbees.

next time may be.........