Results of the day
1Pete Young37.09
2Scotty Stallman36.14
3Lee Spencer33.74
4Michael George31.17
5Mark Newman30.68
6Paul Arnold30.66
7Norman Petty30.26
8Jim Brake28.78
9Ken Bartlett26.54
10Jim Brake5.77

Had to leaver early for police driver awareness course :-( 

Hurricane SS 43 at the end

Been a while...

Been a while...

At last...30+knts average in 2017!  SW wind gusting over 30 knts..lots out for a wet summer afternoon!

Nice to get out on a small sail again

Should have stayed a little longer as wind picked right up as I de rigged!

did'nt have much left in the tank for today got bloody windy

My first sail in over a month so it was unfortunate I had to leave before the wind kicked picked up. It looked amazing later in the evening!