Results of the day
1Michael George30.9
2Mark Newman30.41
3John Kennedy29.6
4Lee Spencer28.88
5Paul Arnold26.81
6Ken Bartlett26.79
7Norman Petty26.42
8Sam Anstey 26.17

Distance session

Pretty crowded...and dying wind.   Very pleasant hour. 

nice cruising

That was a lot of pumping and work for those results, should have been on 7.8 instead of 7.0, just didn't have enough grunt at all points, if only the wind had settled and increased it would have been great. Still a good day on the water with the Portland regulars.

Nearly killed a kiter as he dropped out of the air right onto my line, last mine hard stuff upwind saved him just! then a new one on me, some bloke yelling Port at me when I was on Starboard as he tried to head me :O

Fun in the sun!