Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout44.18
2Dennis De Pauw43.4
3Damien Nico43.37
4Robert Hofmann43.3
5Christophe Peyrouse42.91
6Klaus Küppenbender41.82
7Tom De Pauw41.23
8Laurent Fesquet41.18
9Wolfgang Lewang40.22
10Dirk Hacha39.69
11Nico Nouwen39.1
12Sébastien Noiseau37.45
13Olivier Thomas37.19
14Paul Van De Perre36.91
15Marco Lambers35.75

Difficult LF day....super choppy and Notherly wind the whole day! Good to sail with Jacques, Dennis, Klaus,Wolfgang, Laurent and others on the water!

Derde dag Franqui.. wat een wind weer. 5,6 leek te groot, dan maar mijn 5.0 wave zeil.. die bleek te onstabiel en uiteindelijk toch met mn 5,6 aantal runs gemaakt. 

de angst van de crash ebt weer wat weg. Leuk om Jacques te zien scheuren en ook Christoph, wat gaan die gasten dicht langs de kant zeg!

too choppy for the mistral 41, but had to try it. Maybe the JP 45 would have been the better choice today.......


See , what will happen tomorrow

Not as good as predictet,but i got some fast runs ,Tomorrow more

Congrats Dennis and Roberto

Beautiful day with some decent moments.

Nice to see my international friends again!



Heel gezellig hier

Whaauw dat zijn nog eens zondagen :-

My annual trip with my speedmates to LF, that had not happened yet.

Day 1
Difficult conditions with a constant searching wind and chop that sometimes looked like de Grevelingen-lake (OK, with a little exaggeration)
Tired after the trip, not every run was spot-on. Quited (maybe too) early to have still some fuel in the tank for the next days.