Results of the day
1Michael George35.43

It was a hugely promising forecast and we had 30 knot winds for the 18 hours leading up to this session. Come time to sail the wind had dropped to around 20 knots. This made the course a bit too broad and my 10s results were only around 32 knots due to lack of power.

After about an hour of sailing the wind steadily picked up to around 25 knots and my 10s results started to improve with each run. There was a big hole half way down the course so it was crucial to make the most of the top end of the strip.

Unfortunately a fisherman arrived and plonked himself on the bar, depriving me of the first 200m of the course which was where it was windiest! I'm sure this session could have been a couple of knots faster if I'd been able to use that stretch of water for my run up... c'est la vie!

Still a fun session at an excellent spot. :)