Results of the day
1Pete Young41.62
2Ian Richards41.5
3Neil Hardwick38.94
4Andras Tompa36.18
5Alastair Nichol16.85

The conditions were tricky, the wind was unpredictible. I have experinced how it feels to fall with 38 knots speed. I need to learn about the settings even a lot. My day was ended by the bad luck, I stepped into a sharp thing in the shallow water that cuts through my boot and cuts my heel I almost bleeded out :) Despite all that I am satisfied because I broke my personal best again.

It's been a long time! Unfortunately the wind never kicked in for big speeds but enough to do some good testing with jp45 and 5.6 ( thanks george Morris for the lone of kit). As top speeds weren't happening Decided to make it a slalom/gybing session and was rewarded with a good PB alpha so got to be happy with that! All best runs done with my trusted old 80. Was a good day. And thanks to Ian for as always pointing me in the right direction!

Missed the best wind in the morning and only managed one run before the wind switched off but great to get back on the small kit again, it's been way too long. Great to see Matty York, Ian Richards, Neil Hardwick and also Pete Young making the long trek up from down south. Looking forward to a windy stormy winter :-)