Results of the day
1Benjamin Verdin32.91
2Paul Van De Perre29.8
3Sipke Bijlsma28.86

Used 3 boards, 2 sails and 4 fins today... The wind came very late, so started with a 20 years old Simmer SC2 10.0 and my JP Supersport 136 with standard JP 46 fin. I was hoping to reach 50 one day with that 10.0, but managed to get a 53 max on the dial !! Very happy because the sail has no leech at all (used 6cm more downhaul...). Felt a bit like BIG Ed, but then 20 kmph slower ;-). 

Changed to 7.8 and S10 43, later to my F113 with S07 39. When I reached speeds close to 60, I changed to my F89 with 7.8 and Select Crossfire 31. Always happy to sail that combo: Wind was a bit light from time to time, but that's when being lightweight becomes an advantage :-) Found 2 nice gusts...didn't find the other ones...

It was a nice sunny day with Paul and a few others. I hope i can keep windsurfing for the rest of my life...really love it every time again



Super dagje, met maatjes Marnix en Koen. Gestart vanaf botenhelling. Mooie lange rakken, mooie alpha's, 5x gemiddeld 37 km/h.

Met 3 combinaties van 8.5, 6.6 en 2 boards gevaren. Snelste tijd met aangegeven materiaal.