Results of the day
1Pete Young37.7
2Scotty Stallman36.75
3Ian Richards36.43
4Shemi Adams34.5
5Mark Newman34.32
6Lee Spencer33.17
7Kacper Wozniak32.62
8Robin Russell32.16
9George Fulton31.18
10Paul Arnold31.15
11Norman Petty30.57
12Chris Pankhurst 29.78
13Ken Bartlett29.24
14Tyler Baker25.08

Tad gusty!   SW 235 deg.

Should have been faster today, but then I told myself that if I could get close to a pb then I wouldn't spend lots on money on new toys.....guess I need to spend money

In need of a speed board definetly

Was so stacked i was scared to do a speed run

 2 " longer harness lines  broke the dead lock ,, so 52 " lines   should put me further up the  grid 

 got bit bumpy  would not clear a  pathway through the chop so it was a dead end  , at 29 knots , lot better in slightly deeper water 

  whats a  0,2  between friends    

Plenty of runs but not much speed , but good afternoon off work

Should of worked a bit more and gone out later!

Ended with big stack, broken foot by looks of it.