Results of the day
1Matthew York41.98
2Neil Hardwick39.13
3Mark Hayford38.24
4Alex Bennett-Baggs36.86
5Adrian Brazier25.49

could have went either way today , forcast was windy thanks to hurrican brian , but the angle was broad and could have been too broad , had to go and try though , 3.5hr drive mind ..

had some new Simmer style speed boards to get wet ,tried the Demon speed 40 today and yep its a demon alright ,max 46.08 ,shame it was to choppy for a good ten second ,still happy though

Earlier start to catch the wind, start on my 5.6m but too much, started to rig my 5.2m but the foot ripped apart, so ended up on my 4.6m. Direction was board but the chop on was the problem. Nice sailing with Matt, Dan, and Andras.

Could not get down to the lake in the morning so made do with the afternoon lighter winds. Every one else (accept for Alex B and his mate) had already left. Wind was around 30/35k and super broad. Normally I would not do this very broad direction, but Stu T was rigging up, so decided to join him. After the first run, the wind started to drop, "a lot". Only managed two decent powered up runs, the rest where very under-powered. The direction was very very broad, death chop was an issue, it made 500 meter runs interesting and ball breaking!!! Nice to be out on the small kit again and starting to remember how to use it. Ten year old starboard W44 still going well. Looking forward to the next "properly" powered session. Was fun!!!

4am start, flat tyre and nearly 2 hours delay! :( pretty wild when we arrived and diddnt fancy the death chop so started out just before high tide, just after was the best wish i went out 20mins sooner as it was broad and smooth blipped 40 on the max which was cool (after 9 years lol) bugger i couldnt get a 2 sec or any decent 10 secs.. it was a pump and squirt day .. death chop came back and speeds dropped with the wind

Nice to see mark h and stu t as its been years now! and sweet catapult nr the end first time iv lost it in the d/chop literally skimmed on my back no damage to myself or kit..which makes a change 

Today it was windy enought to try out the Isonic speed board that I have been so excited to try out and get uponto the plane, so i managed to get it moving and up onto the plain and run across from car park to the first corner and then finally bear away down the wall, the 5.8m was perfect for this board but wind was dropping so ended up not able to get it moving and spent last half hour on Tabou rocket with the same tush x15 4cam sail and had some nice steady runs across the water before dark started to set in, looking forward to trying in higher winds, it was blowing well in the morning but i got to the kirby late and did not feel like going out as could see tide comming in so when to cafe with simon ( boardwise) his freind mike nat and me and came out to set up on outgoing tide. Tide hight was forcast as 9.02m but did not come into car park as the day before. Grey clouds but lifted to give a lovely sunny day. Drove home in the dark and made for a late night but so worth it :)