Results of the day
1Steeve Boncourt29.04
2Danny Geereedhary29

Des conditions incroyable. Un vrai champs de mine.

Choppy wind blown waters in the lagoon area of kamikaze (kite) lagoon at Le Morne. Was a very busy bank holiday at the spot literally packed with kitesurfers plus a kitesurf competition and windsurfers all vyfing for space in the main area within 50 metres from and along the beach shoreline at the spot. This meant that had to really be alert and pick ones path through dodging others on the water. but some nice strong wind gusts and a few downwind run angles were managed among the busy activity. I used a GW60 too but accessing the data is a bit tricky (it showed at the time a max peak of around 32.44 knots (however this speed report is from my GT31 worn at the same time and its likely very much the same as they are both locosys and doppler speed gps devices. The max2s sounds about right for the day. Pleased as it's not an easy spot in all that activity and wind blown water chop to get beyond the 30 knots mark. (a fe freinds went to another flatter spot and expectedly scored higher speeds edging into the 35/36 knots region peak...a shame i coldnt make that other venue as a fluke i was on the west side of the island instead. think its the fastest result ive got so far using my 7.1m sail since i've retuned how i set it. so good news there.