Results of the day
1Andy Laufer47.95
2Robert Hofmann47.01
3Jim Crossley46.62
4Petter Malmkvist45.02

Best Topspeed of 50.17kn again today in Lüderitz. 500 ok. Conditions where gusty and not too windy. Always lack of pressure when going down the canal. But looots of fun!

Playing around in the Luderitz canal! So much fun!!

Lighter winds again.  Used the day to test differnt equipment.

Now the rusty feeling starting to go away. The starts have improved, the stopping at the end also but I need a little bit different boom for the 4,8 and 5,4 sail to get the stance correct and therefore take advantage of the gusts. Super nice place to be here in Luderitz with the cool legends and new guns of speedsurfing.