Results of the day
1Nils Bach31.88
2Andreas Grosse-Holz26.85


wow what a day, exam in the morning, then driving 300km to the lake, apocalypse feeling on the highway with 60+ knots wheeled over trucks and trees all over the highway

arrived at 14:30 at the lake when the storm settled a bit, so rigged 6,2 and the 87l board, made some careful runs first as the chop was really high ~1m, but after a while I just went for it, 

I could sail maybe 110°, more was just not possible in the waves.

after 3 good runs I went into my sail with the Elbow and it was a bit damaged but I needed two more good runs, so I just hoped my sail would hold!

The Bastard 30cm went great also in these very difficult conditions

really happy to increase my own spotrecord again :)

nach dem Sturmhöhepunkt noch ein Stündchen schön gesurft mit Nils und Björn