Results of the day
1Uwe-Sören Schmidt39.44
2Uwe-Sören Schmidt39.44
3Nils Bach37.8
4Joachim König34.57
5Joachim König34.57
6Hans-Dieter Wilshusen33.91
7Hans-Dieter Wilshusen33.91
8Bert Nijsen30.72
9Bert Nijsen6.17

very nice session and again a little spot PB, 

today was very broad and we were sailing in the last part of the creek against the tide again, short run, so today I focused on getting a higher entry speed to make better 10s

5,6 was on the small side today, but I didn't want to sail with my ripped 6,2 sail

later I made 2 more runs in the beginning of the creek but it was to broad and I couldn't get down the course

filmed with the GoPro, I will put the video on my Youtube channel:



First Day in 2018.