Results of the day
1Kevin Völzke35.48
2Nils Bach35.19
3Uwe-Sören Schmidt34.82
4Kevin Völzke34.38
5Kevin Völzke34.38
6Ralf Ewers33.65
7Andreas Grosse-Holz33.28
8Manfred Merle32.78
9Alexander Bauer31.14
10Jan Sobottka29.48
11Klaus Lepies29.1
12Henrik Ewers 21.8

really nice day, good to be out with Andreas again after a long time! we did some nice runs on the outside in the morning when the angle wasn't that great. Peaked 35,7 knots on the outside in the chop,

later angle turned a bit better, still not the epic speedday we hoped for but so much fun, got my gear tuned well now I think, was a bit faster today compared to wednesday, even though conditions were worse...

no wind for the next 10 days or so, so decided to surf until exhaustion and made 117km today...

run 1,3 and 4 with Feinefinnen Bumb, the others with Bastard

think I won the day ranking as well...

Zweiter Segeltest: Segelsetup passt jetzt. Finnensetup noch nicht gut. Segel vertragen eine kleiner Finne. Nächster Test mit kleinen Finnen folgt. 

Ansonsten schöner Tag mit den Jungs!!

Anstregend aber richtig gut

gute Heizerbedingungen genossen mit Nils und den anderen ;-)

Besser spät als nie.

Nice evening session with my son

Nice sunny session with daddy