Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout39.13
2Edwin Harteveld38.32
3Robert Hofmann37.01
4Patrick Oberlender36.22
5Rainer Motloch35.14
6John Schilperoort35.03
7Marco Smeele34.91
8Robert Jan Bouws34.43
9Gerwin Slingerland31.39

Nice day with the slalomgear and some friends. Wind was a little bit gusty and shifty but won't complain it was very warm and sunny.

first day at Franqui...


Fun day with Patrick,Rainer and lot of "Dutchies" on the water! Sunny, warm, lot of sand banks...but great to be back in LF after 6 month!  Was also very gusty...but good warm up for tomorrow!

relax surfing day with friends... no stress just relax...

ZFin asy 27

Never expected to be the fastest of the day with my small set. Everybody was on 6,3 or 7,0 and biggest set i took with me to La Franqui was 5,6 with 53 liter board. Today it is windy but i have a skype meeting and i hope i can sail for one hour later today.