Results of the day
1Yann Le Corre33.66
2Kai Kaufmann32.39
3Dennis Klaaijsen32.28
4Hugo Hekkenberg32.27
5Raphael THOMAS31.78
6Kim Sorensen30.9
7Christopher Tyack30.85
8Pascal Foures30.45
9Kasper Thrane30.06
10Jeroen van Zadelhoff29.74
11Martijn van Noord29.69
12Jesper Skytte29.41
13Mick Born29.28
14Sébastien Noiseau29.02
15Adrian Wallis26.87
16Edgar Berger26.53
17Vincent Heidinga25.81
18Marco Vermoen25.35
19Garry Goodwin23.33

Super Defi training conditions in the morning.

Almost nobody on the water so played the rabbit for Nicolas Warembourg's his clinic crew.

Full throttle over the race course, gear and rider are ready for tomorrow!!!


Could not find the proper setup, and was tired from the morning session in la franqui. So no epic speeds

Dag 2 ter voorbereiding op DEFI 2018. 
Wederom een topdag. Zon en wind.
Wel enorm vlagerig.

Goede oefensessie voor de defi gedaan. Met de mannen heerlijk gevaren :) set optimaal getrimd voor de lange rakken.

Good Defi Wind warm up ! Lot of riders on "La vieille nouvelle" 500m after 10km close to the first mark.....pretty happy to do 70kmh on the course....tomorrow competition:-)

day before defi wind


nav avec marin à J-1 du Défi Wind 2018

2e dag defi met wave 4.2

Testing the course before the Defi Wind tomorrow. Pretty tired after the disastrous session at La Franqui. It feels pretty strange riding on small slalom gear as I'm mostly using Falcon 140 and Warp 9.0 back home but I must say that this place is amazing!