Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel40.37
2Tjerk Baan Hofman38.84
3Rémi Kurz38.83
4Wouter van Hilst38.76
5Gerard Verbree37.73
6Dirk Hacha37.34
7Laurent Paya36.86
8René van der Weijde36.23
9Jürgen Thau36.1

Very nice day! Sun and wind :)

Used a normal fin today so I didn't had to walk back and put to much stress on my knee.

Happy with the speeds and in the occasional wind shift managed to do a couple of alpha's

Less wind today at LFR when we started. I went out with 5.7 and my w49 but that gave too less power. I walked back to the car to get my new Falcon slalomboard to try that one. The idea was to swap boards when the wind started increasing, but I quickly managed to tune the setup with the Falcon and I really enjoyed sailing this board. Speeds got better and better too. Also it was very easy to sail back. So it became a very relaxed session, time to enjoy and in the mean time I was able to improve myself. 

This was my first full session using this board/sail/fin setup. In the high wind the fin could be a bit smaller I guess, but it performed very good and gave a lot of confidence, also with rolling swell and kiters and some wave boys doing sudden tricks on the track. This Finish Speed Slalom has lots of speed and is less directive compared to the speed version. It generates a nice amount of lift and kept the board very stable.


Prachtige dag op La Franqui !!

Gisteren een beste klapper gemaakt en was daarna ff de weg kwijt , gelukkig werd mijn setje veilig gesteld door Raymond Wortel waarvoor grote dank......TOP !!


Lekker dagje op La Franqui


good session, flat water !

Wunderbarer Tag !!!

Day 2, Friday:
Unfortunately, the water condition was just as miserable as yesterday, but the wind was a lot lighter, so quit sailable.
Because the wind was very broad again, I took the mXr LM54 for some more safety.
I even did a NM, felt like a rollercoaster, going up and down every 100m on the incoming swell. For tomorrow no real wind is predicted, so maybe time for a walk to the rock of LF with my wife and dog ... maybe ;-)

Lekker dagje op La Franqui