Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 40
2Twan Verseput 39.37
3Andy Laufer38.39
4Oliver Schaarschmidt35.45
5Jim Crossley35.4
6Oliver Schaarschmidt34.37
7Zara Davis32.72
8Anne Schindler31.18

Second heat in the competition .. and it was windy..

3. heat.. wind picked up more and more... nice conditions.. only my old body was pissed of a little bit... need more training...

cant split the two runs of today...


firsr race of today

crash of the day at the beginnig

second time i used the mach1 6.2 ... we need some more time together :-)

second run of today

2nd heat of the Speed-WM. Lots of fun with the best Top Speed again. Still have to find out, how to slingshot the best 250m in order to get a better result. Finished 2nd today again, juhuu.

New speed spot for the DSC and World championships and we had good winds in the afternoon. I think I could go faster on my Simmer Speed Demon 43 but didnt have time in the heat to change!

Late post. I think this was one of the competition days DSC 2018 at the lighthouse.  Enjoyed sailing this spot!