Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman32.83
2John Kennedy30.92
3Mark Newman30.78
4Michael George30.31
5Paul Arnold26.91
6Norman Petty25.94
7Mike Barnett24.46

Nice run out this morning in the harbour, may have missed the best of the wind but it was still pretty good though!, iSonic 107 with the Mach 1 7.8, probably ths best set up! Great to Norman, JK and Mike out on the water.

Later 7.8 41.5 zsl s- when 8.6 batcam broke.

Wierd up and down day..missd the best of it in the morning.

Enjoyable early session...square wind.  Good to catch up with the big boys. 

Not so good catching the floating buoy! 



Nice little session in the harbour.

Mainly focused on gybing today. :)

Cracking day to be out at Portland with Scotty and the regulars, the wind was never quite there but its always great to see so many on the water and loving it!

The Exclusion Zone at Ferry Bridge seems a bit ridiculous especially when there was absolutely nobody in it!