Results of the day
1Simon Chippington 24.15

UKWA Tenby Event No7

With the forecast of wind rain swell waves sun, this weekend was going to be a real test after a uk summer of very little wind until late.

1st day of racing with was NE cross on from the left , wind picking up atound the point where the castle outrock is , looking at the seastate from the shore could tell conditions would be very  testing , i made every winners final over the weekend , a lot of the fleet couldnt make the course and reports came in that several of the hardy boat crew had seasickness throughout the day ( these boys n girls work so hard for us and our safety. RESPECT). on the water was hard work blasting through the Tenby death chop but also great fun blasting around, after a while the wind increased further so i shot back to the beach to plug in the 7.0 and 114 combo but i felt i was over finned on a 38 fin , maybe the the 36 would have made a better choice. i made the choice to change the fin but i missed a race scoring 7 / dnc / 8 for day one . MUST DO BETTER TOMORROW.

Rigged 8.6 7.8 7.0  boards 122 114 used .